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1/28/2007 c1 15Seregwen Morthil
oh, such woes!

this is a neat little piece.

no major issues, just spacing here and there and the odd mispelled word.

i just got into fruits basket through a friend of mine from school.

whoo, boy.

was /that/ ever fun.

"You. Stu. Pid. Cat."

"You girly man!"

shigure is pretty well done here.

you might have made him a /hint/ more perverted, though...


he's such a cute little lecherous author!

12/28/2006 c1 11kyoshigurelover
... And WHY don't you have any reviews? That really amazes me. This fanfic is great. You really delved into Shigure's mind. I love Shigure and Kureno's rivalry over Akito, and I love how he thought of it... I just recently read a translation of #17 and it's my favorite volume of FB :) Great job!Adding this to my favs list! And, I'll give you a plug on my profile! :)

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