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for Fateful evening

2/16/2015 c8 2TBCDreamer
This was sooo cute! It started off kinda shaky,with Claire & Bender slightly out of character & cheesy, but it just got better & better. I like it.
9/28/2014 c8 4DoctorWhoObsessed7
Really diggin' this story! There isnt enough fluffy John/Claire FF in the world :) Please update soon!
6/4/2009 c8 1RandomPersonOfDoom
Almost every singel add at the bottom of your fic says:

"FAN-FICTION READERS! Meet and date other geeks" :P lol i just find it funny. awesome awesome fic, please try to update soon.
9/14/2006 c8 13IntoTheGrey
aw...this was very good, very cute and fluffy...i an likeing this very much right now, please continue soon.
9/14/2006 c2 IntoTheGrey
that is absolutly adorable, and i love it so far
8/28/2006 c8 Sango A.R
hey update soon! can't wait to read more!
8/18/2006 c2 5Thwarted Moony
i love it!
8/18/2006 c1 Thwarted Moony
pls continue it's great!
8/14/2006 c7 mpc422
well this is a great story you should continue soon and ally is right claire and john are adorable! well see you later update soon bye!
7/27/2006 c7 Sango A.R
hey update soon! its so... cute! i love the way they eat lunch together! i think that's awesome! again update soon!
7/24/2006 c7 8Dubious.Mischief.Maker
ha ha, I am so loving this! Angst/Romance *sigh* my dream! lol.
7/24/2006 c6 Dubious.Mischief.Maker
omg! yay! *does happydance* finally, loving this story!
7/24/2006 c7 12Philipa Aleshre
hi! hey, i liked this a lot! they were a little too short but right now their length was perfect. i'm suppoused to be working but at times i read, it's an addiction, you know? :S

well, and your fic! i mean, it was so sweet! John! God, he's so tender! and i love the fact that claire's there for him and that she's the one who can tame him and see what's underneath the surface. AW! I LOVE THEM!

7/15/2006 c5 8Dubious.Mischief.Maker
aw, this is cute! heh heh heh, I really love it, I love fluff(both kinds, mallow fluff and this fluff! lolz)so, I reALy can't wait for the next chapPIE, CO, POST! quickly please, heh heh heh
7/14/2006 c5 1Mini Nicka
Short but good
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