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3/2/2002 c5 Genkajun
I just read chapter 4. and about there being 2 fire-type legendary birds... If there were to be a balance of the legendary birds and "wolves", In episode 2 (or somewhere around there), Ash arrives at a Pokecenter. On the wall is a square which is said to show 4 legendary Pokemon. these are the first 3 legendary birds and Arcanine. So Arcanine apairantly would be the equivalent of


2/4/2002 c37 Zita the Celestial Houndoom
Farla! Farla! Come in Farla! This is Zita! Do you meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee? I like it! I want more of it! I demand more of it! Did you know that an Abyss is a deep canyon or void?(Pats dictionary) Come on! You can do it Farla! I know, you have many writings to do, but I like this!
1/14/2002 c37 3Calypso1
I was told to read this by one Zita... *grins* Well done, I must say, I enjoy the twists and turns in the plot behind Midnight. I assume this is not finished... so I look forward to seeing more.
1/11/2002 c37 Jes
When Midnight wants something dead "it dies!" about bad to the bone!
12/26/2001 c36 Zita The Celestial Houndoom
Oooooh! That Magmar needs an attitude ajustment. (Picks up banners and flags) Kill him Midnight! He betrayed you before so why not kill him? I could go for a magmar burger anyway...
12/26/2001 c35 Zita the Celestial Houndoom
Poor Scizor! Water makes metal rust, that must be happening to Scizor. I want more interesting battles please!
12/26/2001 c34 Zita the Celestial Houndoom
I liked it! How could a trainer be so stupid! The nerve of letting her on victory road for crying out loud! At least she thinks well of her Poke'mon.
12/26/2001 c33 Zita the Celestial Houndoom
I vote A! It would make this already interestingly wonderful story even better! I love this more than my gameboy! I love it! I need more or I'll need a swift trip to the looney bin! I love it! I just don't know how to say how much I love it! (Begins chant)



Happy Cheerios! Love the fic!:) ^_^
12/26/2001 c32 Zita The Celestial Houndoom
Thankyou for freeing that Houndour! I love Houndours! I have caught a whole pack of them and love them all! I also love your dark Poke'fics! I love dark Poke'mon!
12/26/2001 c31 Zita The Celestial Houndoom
The Houndour knew Midnight was his Pokegoddess. I think that Houndour is awfully smart for fighting back. I approve! Houndour is the coolest Poke'mon ever to live!
12/26/2001 c30 Zita The Celestial Houndoom
Hmmmmm. I don't know what to say except where on Earth did you here that song?
12/26/2001 c29 Zita the Celestial Houndoom
AAAHHH! It Burns! A Take Over The world Plot! It's great and I love it! This is the best story I've ever read+I hate Gengars! Good show! Kill the ghosties!Make them roasty toasties! Happy Cheerios!
12/26/2001 c22 Zita the Celestial Houndoom
No! Stop asking me for take over theworld fics! Try!Try there! PLLllleeeeaaaaassssssseeeeee Don't kill Moon or Tsunami Or I WILL REALY rip your head off!
12/26/2001 c21 Zita the Celestial Houndoom
12/26/2001 c20 Zita The Celestial Houndoom
No, I know of no taking over the world fics at all. Don't kill Moon! PLLLLLEEEEAAASSSSSSE! I love Umbreon tooooo! JUst please don't kill Moon!!(Room fills with tears)

Once again, Happy Cheerios!
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