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6/18/2010 c39 28Lady Absolute
Hemlock deserved. I'm glad you took him out when you did. Now PLEASE finish the story! It's 2010 and it's still not DONE!
5/20/2010 c21 34SwiftintheSky
Your story is just... great. Your ideas are amazing, creative, deep. The dark pokegoddess Midnight binds land and air together, as Lugia binds air and sea... Hm. If that's so, is there a pokegod to bind land and sea?

This chapter cleared up why Midnight hasn't missed her human family. She just doesn't remember them! Her powers are always growing, it seems. As to how she fainted those legendary bird clones, I don't know how. I couldn't help noticing, though, that you stopped at the second-to-last chapter. If there's one problem with the story, it's that it isn't finished! PLEASE finish! I love this story!

P.S. Reading your stories is what made me stop capitalizing pokemon names! It really does make sense if you think about it.
5/9/2010 c1 SwiftintheSky
Interesting idea, I like the story so far (but of course, I've liked almost all your stories). I'm guessing the pokemon is an eevee?
4/22/2010 c39 2ShinetheSableye
I think he is taking about meowth looking like Rayman. Rayman has no arms,legs, or a neck. But he has hands, feet, and a head.
3/6/2010 c39 4YOSHIKIRB
NO! I read all the way through this up to this point. It's SO close to being finished. It's so cool I couldn't believe it wasn't done! PLEASE finish it!
11/23/2009 c25 AnimeGirl
Nice chapter. Assisted suicide for no reason is definitely NOT good, but those pokemon were being forced to suffer and die slowly and painfully. They deserved to die. Not in the bad sense, but the sense that they only lived in pain in suffering; they had nothing to live for, literally. Anyway, I, also, am a believer in reincarnation. The idea of being a human, dying, and coming back as something else seems cool.
11/23/2009 c8 AnimeGirl
I know what the dreams are! They're about a sacrifice ritual in which whatever midnight is was killed to restore balance to the universe (which was thrown off upon whatever midnight is's birth). They broke her wings and burned her body in order to destroy the dark-type spawn of a legendary bird and a legendary wolf! And, no, I didn't look ahead (I only do that in boring stories, which this is so not). I've only read one other of your stories (Ice), but I think that you're a great author!
6/18/2009 c5 5Eddynessofdoom
I like this trait you have in your fics, over the moral conflicts of capturing pokemon. This is the one that seems to be going deepest into that, though I've only reached chapter 5. I really like the idea of evos, totally makes sense to me. ^_^
2/20/2009 c39 9Haru Inuzuka
Oh geez... -covers mouth and shakes head, eyes sad and worred- What will happen now? Will Midnight be alright? Will Ash find her? -glares at Prof.Hemlock's dead body- Serves the teme right. To expairment on pokemon like that or any other living creature...horrible, just horrible! -shakes head again, softly- Will Ash and Midnight meet the one Ash is named after? Plz continue this interesting story soon, kay? Ja now! =^^=
12/24/2008 c39 4DarkRocketX


are you going to continue?

You haven't updated for like...years on end...

Good fic.
12/13/2008 c39 tain89
Amazingly Awsome story.LOVE IT!I really hope you deside to put an ending up.I think it is to good a story not to.PLEASE UPDATE IT.
11/22/2008 c39 5Teraunce
Good Story. Now Post The Final Chapter. 15/10.
10/25/2008 c19 4DarkRocketX
A very nice fic.Please continue it. Al though in some sentences, you could use more detail and grammar.
5/15/2008 c39 1Tsaukpaetra
It was pretty good so far, but why have you suddenly discontinued (suddenly in my pov, since the last update was... 5.7 Years ago! ?)

Oh well, off to read the other fics now... tata! :)
3/16/2008 c39 74Lixie Lorn
Finally got round to reading this.


I don't like professor Hemlock. He got what was coming to him.

General Stormclaw out.

~Dragon Prince
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