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for The Revival of Meredith Grey

4/2/2016 c11 momoiiey
I've read and reread this five times already!please! Update this.
2/19/2010 c11 dreamin'BIG
hey, ijust read your story and i gotta say it's damn good! i know it's been years since you updated though, think you could pull something out of the hat?
1/17/2008 c11 fsdgghfdhuyyhguy
Hey, so I really like this story so far. You write well and the plot is interesting but it's been over a year since the last update and I was just wondering if you've given the story up. Cuz if you have I really should take it off my favorites list.
5/20/2007 c11 JenniferLauren
SO what happens next!
3/22/2007 c10 peds-freak
i know you haven't updated in a while, but are you planning to keep on writing? It's a great story...
3/20/2007 c9 peds-freak
OMG, I just found this story and it's amazing...Are you going to update? Please...
1/22/2007 c11 Ela09
I just found this story and I love it...

Consequence for you: You have to update because I have to know what happened with Mer and Josh and you said in your A/N that McDreamy's reaction is coming, I really want to know what is going to happen, so PLEASE update soon!
1/14/2007 c11 littlewhitelie91
ah i hust found this story and you left me on the edge of my seat... i love it !... let me guess... he was either lost at sea or MIA or something like that right?
9/26/2006 c11 Do not disturb me at all
omg! i love this story so far! great writing! will there be an update soon! really, really, really, really, really, good!
9/1/2006 c11 nfinchamscheff
I absolutely love you writing! I cannot wait for more!
9/1/2006 c11 1luv24Alias
I loved it so great more again real soon this is SO great!
8/25/2006 c10 orphan09account
oh damn way too short, i wanna see both mer/joshua and everyones reaction and dereks
8/25/2006 c10 luv24Alias
Mer/Josh, i really cant believe she's married? i mean hello, does that mean she's not gonna be with der if josh is the love of her life, i LOVE this!

I loved it so great i can't wait for more more more more more!
8/25/2006 c10 ozzie-filo
This chapter was good. I would like to see some Meredith/Josh conversation next.
8/24/2006 c10 1987
Everybody else! Seriously, much more intriguing that way. This chapter was interesting but cut off way too abruptly. I think you nailed all of the reactions, Bailey's voice was especially on target.
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