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6/19 c40 DraxLady
I really wish that I had noticed that this story was never finished and appears to be forgotten. It’s an amazingly well written story, but disappointing in that the 40th chapter just...stops...and leaves everyone hanging. In reading the other comments, I see quite a few people have said similar things. The author is a fantastic writer, and I sincerely hope that all is well with her.
10/11/2019 c40 Kaneswolf
Adding yet another request to see this story finished. You have a way of keeping the suspense going while peppering in the right amount of humor.
8/12/2019 c40 ChaosDragon695
are you going to come back to your stories? I love them!
6/16/2019 c40 Mar Jan 53
I just read some of the reviews let me add my pleas for more chapters
6/1/2019 c40 DPDbookworm
Confound it: I didn't know this wasn't complete! I don't suppose there's any chance of its being finished someday? I was quite enjoying it (except for back in that really nasty first drunken scene of Chris's).
7/5/2017 c40 Guest
It was a great story but then it seems like your muse was escaping as you started adding all these characters from different shows. It appears you were running out of ideas. Please finish it but return to primarily being the 7 'team members' It has been over 5 years - do you plan on finishing it?
5/2/2017 c1 Morningdove
I love this story! I would like to know when the writer will finish this story?
6/25/2016 c40 Marvelmyra
It is June 2016 Do you know where your up-date is.?
8/22/2015 c7 marJan 53
About time somebody remembered that damned collar and got it off to,lok at where the blood had come from on his neck when they first treated him are bolt cutters extinct too
8/22/2015 c8 marJan 53
Isiah should be ashamed of himself he is a pale imitation of a man of God he is certainly not following the teaching of Jesus
8/22/2015 c7 marJan 53
Chris may be a hero but he is still a bully how many times has he yelled at poor Vin who is only trying to help or threatened to shoot one of his friends if they say or do something he doesn't like
4/17/2015 c40 kess55
My gosh I hope this story gets an ending, you are an excellent writer!
7/6/2014 c40 cascade83611
Wonderful Story, all forty chapters, can I hope that somewhere there is more?
6/5/2014 c40 Tlyna52
I hope you still plan to finish this story. It really is too good to be abandoned
11/21/2013 c40 38LiveAndLetRain
I know it is a serious situation, but I can't help laughing.

It is peaches. What did Chris expect?

A very interesting uncle. Not that I would imagine anything else of an O'Neal.

I know it has been a long time, but please update! I would love to see the meeting of this generations Ellison and Tanner!

Thank you and God bless,
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