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9/5/2011 c10 1vbn45
this was an amazing story. it had everything: mystery, suspense, adventure, romance, and the heero/duo friendship which i really enjoy. Good work! =]
8/22/2003 c10 13X-Calibur
I like ur fic, this is great. very detailed and a good plot, and character develpoment. I like ur story for that reason. Another reason is that ur story is long and going to be longer, i enjoy reading long fics cause it continues on but doesnt bored or drag on. keep on writing

And,...i have a samll favor to ask u.

I want you to read my fics. well actually i have a whole saga being written up.

it has a main series: Gundam-Soldiers

The side stories: 1-9 actually, but for now the review might be outdated, but i've got only 1-4 posted.

then there's the sequels: Endless Waltz of course and 2 original ones coming up

Then an episode 0 in the making followed by several others.

and one odd connection between two animes.

for now read Gundam-Soldiers and then the side stories and then the sequel if it is out, if not then go with everything else accorgingly. Thank u. and please leave and honest review
7/3/2003 c10 28Ninjette Twitch
Hey! This fic was so awesome! Good work on it. There are very few people who write a fic that long and keep the characters like they are in the show. Good work on it. I can't wait to read more fics by you. Keep up the good work!

Ja ne!

The one and only


Signing out!
2/9/2002 c10 20Minerva Blue
Great story! I really Loved it.
12/2/2001 c10 6Oko Naki
Very cool story! Can't wait for the sequel!
11/17/2001 c10 24Zuzanny
I'm so glad that this story ended the way it did. I almost cried (again). Very well written. I looke forward to reading more of your work. :)
11/16/2001 c6 Zuzanny
This is really interesting. It's so sad. I hope they do manage to find a cure. :/
11/2/2001 c10 Mama-sama
ahhh! that was a wonderful story! i really liked it! you need to write more!
9/3/2001 c10 mirth513
Just dropping a note to let you know how much i enjoyed this story. It has been one of the most entertaining and well-plotted GW stories i've found on here in a while. My other favorites are of course Mel & Christie's "Rebuilding" saga and Nicole Silverwolf's "Life lessons", . . . hmmnnn i detect a definite Duo trend here ^_^ ah well, just know that your time and effort have been greatly appreciated by this humble person. THANKS! Looking forward to the sequel!
9/3/2001 c10 Pie-in-the-sky
awwwwwwwwwwwwwww soo cute. thanks!
9/3/2001 c10 5Phoenix of Blood Red Mars
7/17/2001 c9 Phoenix of Blood Red Mars
I can't wait for the next part! I've been waiting for this part for the longest time, and it's as good as I had hoped!
7/16/2001 c9 cardinal
Outstanding work. I was deeply touched by some of your insights. Great characterization. Plot excellent, lots of action. Thanks!
7/16/2001 c9 Pie-in-the-sky
Right on girl! You go all the way! THANKS AND KEEP AT IT :)
7/16/2001 c9 33Unurith
i hope he gets his eysight back *sniff sniff* poor Duo-kun
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