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11/7/2018 c1 sakura son zukino
O por favor actualiza.
9/25/2017 c18 jossi-31
I forgot how lovely and creative this story was! Did a little reread tonight :)
1/10/2017 c18 3nofreakingway
Oooh I've always adored this story! I started reading it again yesterday after so long and it's just as enjoyable as I remember it being! I really hope you decide to come back to it. It's so beautifully written and I adore how well you've approached all the scenes of the show in a unique and new way that fits so well with your adaptation of it. I really hope you update it again.. I've noticed in your A/N's, you have a habit of mentioning you're updating again after months/years.. Please can this be the case again? Please please please!
12/14/2014 c18 Flower88
Very exciting chapter! I'm glad your back!

Hope u have a fab xmas
12/2/2014 c18 Skittles8705
I'm so glad to see a new chapter posted. I'm so happy they escaped! Can't wait to find out how this story unfolds!
11/26/2014 c18 6Angelwings910
Yay an update! I deeply enjoy this story so I was ecstatic once I saw that chapter 18 was up. Although there were errors due to the lack of your beta reader ( I know how that is I don't have one either, I need one though)they were minor and hardly noticeable. Congratulations on being a mommy-to-be! I'll pray that you have an easy labor and that the baby comes out healthy. Love this story! Best wishes! I await the next chapter! Bye Angelwings910
5/30/2014 c17 hi
excellent hope u will make the next chapter soon. continue writing fanfics pls u do a fabulous job at it.
5/28/2014 c17 Miniclio
Well i never take the time to create an account so sorry ; i know i should but i never do.
Everything is fine by me you know, my pseudo isn't first name material but perhaps for the name of a shop or something ?
I am on deviantart if you need to contact me for anything (same pseudo)

I like the chapter, i was getting suspicious of the possibles ties between Isaak and Hitomi and now i have ideas of what he want.
Balgus is a real good guy, and Folken is giving me the feeling of a captain on a sinkin boat, poor dear.
Dilando need therapy, and Jajuka
4/21/2014 c16 Flower-88
Hey again,

I love this chapter but ooooohh those twins are bitches! I know they will up to no good in further chapters!

Are you gonna have the Allen and Hitomi kiss in this story?

Also you put a massive smile on my face knowing I have more chapters to come! I just love this story I don't want it to stop.

I know I don't have to flatter you but you are an amazing writer and you work hard so I think u deserve the praise!

Oh and Silphy was that stupid girl who flirted with van in the cafeteria!

See you the next chapter!
4/14/2014 c16 Miniclio
Silphy is the name of the mermaid Dryden saved
Nice chapter
4/9/2014 c15 Flower-88
Woohoo balgus! I'm excited to see how he knows van and why he didn't stay with him after the crash! Or maybe he did but when Hitomi wasn't there! How many more chapters are you going to do?

Also loved van and hitomi getting a bit steamy, I love a romantic story with a bit of passion lol

Very excited for the big reveal about Hitomi's past, I can honestly say I can't even guess what it could be! As always it was a fantastic chapter and had my wanting more. So excited for the next few chapters!

Had read some of your fan fiction and you are a brilliant writer, I'm envious of your talent!

See you in the next chapter
Flower-88 xxx
4/8/2014 c13 jossi-31
A slow but necessary chapter. I like how you laid out the timeline to his recovery and only showed segments. Also, I love the inclusion of Dryden, without a doubt one of my favourite characters.
4/8/2014 c12 jossi-31
love me some balgus, so excited to see how "escaflowne's repairs will go" please continue.
4/8/2014 c15 jossi-31
I love the parallels between your story and escaflowne, this scene represented the aftermath of black escaflowne so well. So proud! Also, I love the V/H, but that's a given. :)
3/9/2014 c14 jossi-31
3 it. Oh dramatic fight scenes, the odd places where Escaflowne and really life are hard to collide. Good job.
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