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for Uncertain Love

3/22/2014 c6 Naiden
how stupid .The newly born dragon is almost the same size of saphira? yes, how realistic this story is.
5/22/2013 c2 7Scribe of Worlds
greetings from malaysia! Frankly, in confused why there are so few reviews. This story is f***Ing amazing! (pardon me). I love eragon/arya but this new pairing is also great. I have added you to my fav author list. Write more five like this!
10/22/2009 c29 7Taeniaea
great story
6/5/2009 c29 5Aldiggity
An amazing story.

Not many Inheritance fanfics can match up, which I am sad to say.

I Applaud your writing skills.
6/5/2009 c17 Aldiggity
"I will complete my task and return promptly to Galbatorix when it is finished."

She never stated which task, right?

Is that her loophole?
9/27/2008 c5 18Mooncatcher
Hey, I've been reading some of your story, and I'd like to say:

*Awesome writing. Good grammar, neat transitions, all in all, great.

*It's good to see Kara's personality and past starting to surface, though I think you should tone down her abilities a little. Being a half human-elf is already quite an accomplishment, as if becoming an royal assassin at such a young age.

*Eragon manages to defeat her with difficulty, but she beats all the other elves. Eragon himself, essentially, is as skilled as the elves, so how could that happen? Also, since she's only half-elf, and the other half is human, wouldn't her skills be more diminished?

*Her lineage is pretty impressive. *Starry romantic eyes* Forbidden love between two species! But I don't get it. Somehow, her elf side seems more dominant, as she can use magic, keep up with the elves, and retains a vast knowledge of the ancient language to boot. Then she becomes a Rider, with the additional bonus of shapeshifting, which is not exactly orthodox here, since we don't know how much energy is spent on transmuting and eyes that change color. Where did that quirk come from, and what use does it have? Everything about her is apparent but her flaws. Try to highlight those a bit, make her appeal to her human side.

* OOC-ness. Eragon was already deeply in love with Arya; it's unlikely he would switch interests so quickly, and Arya actually appears very little. I don't think his pride would let him act like that. If this is going to be EragonKara, see the reasons for why and how he falls in love and try to incoporate that. Saphira is also a little OOC. I think she has more control and dignity than to act like that.

*However, I congratulate you on Aedlyn's unique past and heritage. Even though it seems very unlikely, it was quite creative, and she is mostly dominated by her human side anyway.

Keep on writing. ^_^
7/9/2008 c1 Stealthkiller5653
looks good so far
7/8/2008 c29 barefootandlost
I loved the story through and through! Truly attention grabbing!
6/16/2008 c29 4LM1991
I loved this story!


12/16/2007 c22 2SavannahNicole.oxo
omg. he is such a guy!
11/3/2007 c23 7Estrid2006
i was wondering if i borrow off of your firesphere idea for my story?

i'm going to make some changes but the basis would be the same, a type of magical means that teleports the elven army to surda...

pm me back with your okay or no way

hebo estel,

7/4/2007 c29 Estrid2006
tht was great! i bet the inheritance will follow pretty closely to your idea!


5/26/2007 c18 powerhungry
this story is cool. i usually dont read stories that are not eragon/arya but this one had a lot of reviews.
1/1/2007 c29 22Kasamyra
This is a great story. Keep up the good work.
12/22/2006 c1 28Thais of the Star
Sorry, but i was looking at this story and noticed that although you say in your summery that it's finished, it isn't filed as such. Just nitpicking, sorry, but its just a little thing with me.
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