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4/30/2013 c13 Guest
Please update, i know its been a while, but it's really really good
2/28/2012 c13 Me
Please keep going! I just recently watched the movie(not for the first time haha) and I totally fell in love with your story!
4/10/2011 c13 10DrowningFromTheInside
Wow dude just found this story today, holy crap it's amazing. O think it's going great, I hope you'll update soon, so anyways if you need some ideas you could pull the old 'getting rejected/made fun of/bullied by the preppyish cheerleaders because of pregnancy' type thing, always can make it interesting :)

Good luck! :)
10/24/2009 c13 FuckinABDOYSNPAGDB
Know what this reminds me of? The Secret Life Of The American Teenager...:) Hahah..its a really good story and I HATE Kris but hey! I LOVE THIS!
2/5/2009 c13 4Cookie666
I really think that Freddy and katie should raise the baby themselves. They would be awesome parents no matter how young they are! Freddy would be a super daddy and who would want a mother in a kick-ass rock band that actually plays an instrument other then vocals, keyboard and the triangle. WOMEN ARE CAPABLE! I play bass and I'm a girl!
12/11/2008 c13 5I've Got A Secret
8/18/2008 c12 El 0h El
update s00n :D
8/16/2008 c12 P
7/3/2008 c12 I've Got A Secret
2/21/2008 c12 2Spandex Monkey Man
I like this one. Since you've asked for criticism, I've got a couple of thing to put forward.

Firstly, your dialogue is a little obvious. It's good, but your characters always say the most direct, obvious things, and it might work better with a little more subtext and subtlety here.

Secondly, whilst your writing style is very acessible, it could perhaps do with just a touch more sophistication. Your style is quite simplistic, and whilst this does add to it's accessibility, it would be nice to see a bit more descriptive work and the like.

Just want to say, though, that even if the criticism might seem a little harsh I did like this story. It's fun, and easy to read.
1/2/2008 c12 bandgeek17
love it! more more more!hahaha
12/9/2007 c12 QTPi5210
Okay...I know that you probably haven't looked at this fic for like 3 billion kazillion trillion years, but I'm asking...more like begging u 2 continue. Its a very interesting story and you convey feelings really well. And your characterization...right on the money. The only thing I really have to say is...if Freddy, Zach -n- Frankie really do all of that weed, how are they not wasted 24/7? Of coursed they (in your words) are f*ed up, but shouldn't they be like dead to the world by now? Okay, enough of my rambling...But seriously consider updating this story, Kay?
8/22/2007 c12 nishia
Aw.. why haven't you continued this? You should continue.. your fic is like my fav. Even though it's like a year later. ahaha.
1/17/2007 c12 3rebecamontiel
omg I love this story

there aren't many good freddy&katie fics out there

and I really like this one =)

please update asap :D

I'd be so happy

take care!

11/29/2006 c12 7PhelpstwinsandElftwins
wats taking so long NEXT CHAPTER please HURRY
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