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4/12/2009 c1 LMAOLOL
Ok to begin with, you it's all dialouge. This story holds about 85% dialogue. The other 25 % was excellent. You need to learn that dialogue does not make a story !
10/20/2008 c4 3psykomaker.exe
Colm... I'd say another Orson coming.

All said, there a few truly unexpected twists there.

Hope you'll update!
10/7/2008 c4 AyakiWarPeace
This story is really great I think. I hope u'll continue it someday. Sry I'm not capable of some more comments.
4/18/2008 c4 4Celestie
Woah! Some impressive twist of plot you did her. It's very interesting (already the prime pairing...!) and the writing is pleasant to read (you know, there always are some who have cool ideas but when they write it hurts trying to read -sweats- ).

Well, I guess I'll stick to this FF now and then and review...also now and then. Ah well, I'm looking forward of what to come -nods-
3/30/2008 c4 2Draconidema azure
Wow, this is really cool story. I love all the twists and crazy turns of the storyline! Are you going to write more?

Perfect job describing Valter...hoo, that guy gives me the creeps. _

Keep up the great work!
9/4/2007 c4 2Fireemblemsnumber1fan
Wow- Awesome!

I like. More!

I'm so excited... can't wait for Chapter 5!
9/4/2007 c2 Fireemblemsnumber1fan
I think it's Ok- probably don't like it as much as I should because the storyline is tipping in Grado's favor. I'll probably like as it goes on more, though. :D
6/22/2007 c4 The ASPCA Pwned Me
I really enjoyed this story. Do you plan on updating?
2/19/2007 c4 25SpeedDemon315
Crocky, that deal reminds me of the deal made in Ghost Rider (I demand you see that splendid movie, it'll knock your scks off!).

I'm liking where this is going, the plotline change is good and the characters' fates are well-thought out as well. Keep it ip!
2/19/2007 c3 SpeedDemon315
Not bad choice for who getsto die, the picks were very realistc. Garcia is getting old and fending off countless of bandits does get tiring... And there was no way Neimi could have survived all those bandits being just an archer, so her death was realistic as well. Now Colm gets a chance to shine!
2/15/2007 c4 5SAFJKLSDSDF
This is getting exciting! I really like your battle scenes tho, and there weren't any in this chapter. Nevertheless, it's a good fic and I'm excited to read the next chapter.
2/15/2007 c3 SAFJKLSDSDF
Cool! I just unlocked Glen the other day and thought 'Hmm... I think Eirika and Glen would make a nice couple.' So I checked and found your fic. So far, I like this fic. Nice job.
8/25/2006 c4 16bright snow

So sorry about the rant earlier. I, ah... didn't have my sugar yet... _

:D But anyway! I was like, "No Colm! NO!" and so on and so forth when the whole scene with the EBIL RIEV. :o You did a nice job of portraying Colm and Riev, personally. I usually find it hard to convey people from Fire Emblem right... they're just so... restrained. Or something. I don't know.

Er. Don't mind the idiot that wrote the last couple sentences... she doesn't know what she's talking about. :D

:) I felt sorry for Isaac. He and Garcia must've had some time back then, huh? And then Garcia's kid doesn't know anything about him. x) I dunno how I would've taken it... probably just as crestfallen as Isaac ole buddy, eh?

Mm, I've always liked NatashaSeth support conversations. They're cute, and Seth isn't as uptight as usual. Though JoshuaNatasha's nice too. But eh, whatever works for you. :)
8/22/2006 c3 InternalDarkness
I agree with LNR. Colm is acting a LOT like Orson. (Btw, I'm only reviewing on this chapter since I got some message saying I already reviewed on the other chapter. I hate when that happens. */short ramble*)

I was so focused on Garcia's death (Espeically since I felt so bad for Ross), I nearly forgot about Neimi's death. Heh. ^^; But it can happen...
8/20/2006 c4 Lady Nephenee Ranulf
So now Colm is like Orson! *makes connection* Well, that is, if Orson ever DOES betray Renais...(It would be rather funny if they both did) I've seen a story where Colm turns to Grado, but I'll see how you put your twist on it.

When I saw the name "Isaac", my mind instantly jumped to the Golden Sun character. XD

Now for my notes: The sentence "He worn religious adversary" was a little confusing. For one, an adversary opponent. I can't really see how Riev would wear one. I think you just confused it with another word. Two, well,'s...wore, not worn. Sorry -I'm being really picky and really annoying, but my mind was screaming at me.
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