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for A Cold Hearted Interlude

2/5/2021 c3 Guest
I wish we could see the characters’ reactions to finding out Clockwerk is still alive.
1/6/2021 c6 Guest
Amazing chapter. Hope that you will update this. I love how you capture Clockwerk's, Neyla's, and Appergio's ideas and goals perfectly. I agree that Clockwerk would resepct, yet mock, Arpeggio.
10/9/2018 c6 Kenny Ramsey Jr
I wish you would please come back to this story. Please I hope you read this. So far it is great but you left it on such a great cliff hanger.
2/10/2018 c6 Blacknightmare
I love the story so far. I hope you keep going and see a twist in the story. Have fun and hope to see the next chapter! :-)
10/3/2016 c6 Guest
Please make more chapters for this one.
2/26/2016 c6 RevTrickshot
I just found this story and I already love it! It does a great job with clockwerk as a character and I love his little commentary on the Klaww Gang's actions.
One question though, has this story been abandoned? It has not been updated in several months and it is leaving us at a cliffhanger.
1/10/2015 c6 Guest
excellent you've captured clockwerk personillaty perfectly
i look foward to the next chapter
8/27/2014 c1 22Lordriochi
I would love to see more of this. Your Clockwerk monologue is awesome!
8/7/2014 c6 Lord Razer
I know its been awhile but please update this is really good.
4/8/2014 c1 25KrissyKat91
Would you please, please, pretty please update this story? You haven't done anything with it in two years.
9/17/2013 c1 360Awareness Bringer
If you need help on ideas. Just answer back.
9/14/2013 c6 Awareness Bringer
Quite the impressive story. Although I believed the brain is supposed to be mechanical too. Please update soon.
6/29/2013 c2 38PurpleArmadillo
Ah, yes, I got the reference to Dimitri's energy-blasting ring - very nice. It's pretty neat getting to see the robbery, and of course, even more interesting from Clockwerk's perspective, haha. Ooh, and I liked the idea of that 'death-sleep' technique as well.
6/29/2013 c1 PurpleArmadillo
Wow, this is a really interesting idea! It's pretty awesome to see things from his perspective and get insights into his thoughts. Very wonderful descriptions, from the lava, down to the intricate details of his sensors and circuitry.
6/24/2013 c4 15aburameclanhead
This story is absolutely brilliant! I'd love sometime.
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