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8/13/2007 c8 2AdequateNerd
Sango has a dirty mind... AHAHA! Update soon!
8/8/2007 c7 AkiMori
I love your story. It's so awesome!
8/8/2007 c7 Uchiha00006
This such a cool story! Please write the rest of it! I want to see how it ends! w Inuyasha and Sango is my most fav couple! XD
8/5/2007 c7 aaml4everfc
Great job on bringing Koga into the scene. Like things couldnt get any more complicated for Inu/San. Which by the way is my favorite couple in the whole Inu series. Good luck with the next chapter and I hope you update soon.
8/3/2007 c7 Anonymous is Me
Great job, I can't wait 4 chapter 8, so hurry up!
7/24/2007 c7 jess
I LOVE IT so awsome please update
7/22/2007 c7 6TheMaxx
cant wait for inuyasha to talk to sango about them,please continue.
7/22/2007 c7 2AdequateNerd
KWEH! Nice chapter. Short, but nice.
6/19/2007 c6 10boRed-consPiracy
i loved it its great can't wait to see how they deal with this ^_^
3/25/2007 c6 Guest
Very nice writing. Your style is pretty good as well as your conversations. It might be a good idea to add in a little more characterization, as well as adding in the other characters more in general.
12/19/2006 c6 afunnielilgurlwhuloverzanime18
as i said before! I like this fic but i don't like it... I LOVE IT!
12/9/2006 c6 kikyogirl15
This is good plz hurry and update soon plz plz plz plz plz!
12/5/2006 c6 goddessofwindnelectricty18
i like this story! i can't wait till nxt chapter or is der going to be a sequal? i hope i get to read dis story again i mean fic!
10/27/2006 c6 Biggz
Good story
9/25/2006 c6 Giggles the Hamster
Ooh, interesting story. A few spelling mistakes here and there, but good so far. And I think you spell Sango's cat's name like "Kirara" and not "Kilala". I think. ^^;; Oh, and I love how you made the story not go by so fast. =)
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