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9/12/2006 c6 2AdequateNerd
I'm touched, I feel so touched that you said i encouraged you. You're welcome, and I hope you reach your goal, and update soon please!
9/11/2006 c6 GodModeGOD
Do continue.

~There has been a terrible shortage on Inu/San fanfics lately
9/11/2006 c6 Quarter Queen
I LOVE THIS STORY! YAY! Anywho, you spelled exorcism wrong in chapter five. I think it was..."exr sims" Along those lines.
9/11/2006 c6 4twilightnights
wow. you better update soon. Man, this has to BE one of my favs also. this story rocks the world! i love it so much! haha. Lmao, you really need to update. or i'll...im thinking. but update! honestly! Its so awesome.

Bye bye.
9/11/2006 c6 Pharoph
I think that this chapter was a little uneventful (Not to be rude) but it was still good. I hope that the truth comes out in the next chappie or at least Miro finds out..Oh..How sad for him.
9/11/2006 c6 13Inusgrl90
Not bad. Will Inuyasha's feelings be unrequited through the entire story or no?

Please update soon.
9/2/2006 c5 7Katreda
it was... okay. Nice.
8/17/2006 c5 Crazy
Great Story. i look forword to the next Chapter. ihope you update soon
8/14/2006 c5 Crazy
Please update soon!i just read this but is great and i always wanted the Inuyasha Sango pairing instead of Kagome
8/7/2006 c5 GothicChic6
make them kiss!make them kiss!if ur doing any more chapters or a sequel,them make them kiss!make them kiss!PLEASE!4 ur fans?
8/7/2006 c5 DarkLove06
update soon..love your story much...
8/6/2006 c5 2AdequateNerd
! update!update!update!update!update!update!update!update!update!update!update!update!update!update!update!update!update!update!update!update!update!update!update!update!update!update!update!update!update!update!update!update!update!update!update!update!update!update!update!update!update!update!update!update!update!update!update!update!update!update!update! please?
8/6/2006 c2 AdequateNerd
Oi, this is great.
8/6/2006 c1 AdequateNerd
buddy, this is so good sheit.
7/27/2006 c5 Quarter Queen
His shirt is a haori, and his pants are hakamas.
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