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7/27/2006 c4 Biggz
Good story my friend.
7/27/2006 c5 Biggz
Did Inuyasha find out?
7/26/2006 c5 14Abigail Fond
Aw! Sango did a bad thing...but that's okay! Sango always finds her way out situations! :D And dammit Inuyasha you dont run away! Awesome chapter dude! Can't wait for part 6! :)
7/25/2006 c5 7Curious-George5498
lol omg YES! DEFINITLY in love with your story-especially after this AWESOME-BEAUTIFUL-OUTSTANDING chapter.

I have a thing for awesomly written stories, you see.

haha, anyway, your story is very inspiring and awesomly plotted. NEVER in my history of fanfiction reading have i read a plot quite like this. Especially in the Inuyasha/Sango compartment, i've never seen Sango admit her feelings when Inuyasha is totally like...not even thinking about her at all. I love the difference you're making, very VERY inspirational. Thats why i REALLY cant wait for you to update soon, because -well usually i can guess what might happen, since most authors use paths that have already been done-but because this is so different, i really cant say what might happen next. hehe.


There, i said please, now you HAVE to update.

Looking forward to chapt 6!


PS: Yup, haori is spelled correctly, and is used correctly. Except for the fact that it is only the name of his top. Im not quite sure, but i think his really baggy pants is called 'hakama'. Im not sure though, so you can google/wiki it.
7/25/2006 c5 3Annixia Galanodel
I love it, keep up the great work, poor Sango, ^_^
7/24/2006 c5 Big VEE KnA senior member
It's been a long time (too long in fact) since I've had an interesting Inu/San story to follow. It seems all the good ones end prematurely..this saddens me.

~I hope this will not be the case here. I'm looking foward to your next chapter

-My only advice at the moment is..do not rush the recquital of Sango's love. I'm sure you know by now just how important the deal with Kagome and Miroku is (meaning how things will end up for them). This has ruined more than a few stories for me over the course of 2 years
7/24/2006 c5 4twilightnights
Oh my god! continue really fast please! My hearts pounding so fast. please update soon. I cant wait too long lmao its so good you rock so much!

7/24/2006 c5 13Inusgrl90
Pretty good.

Please update soon.
7/24/2006 c4 biggz
Great story,CANT wait 4 mor!
7/24/2006 c1 spiketwo89
i just gotta say i love the idea of sango acting like miroku awsome story
7/20/2006 c3 14Abigail Fond
AW! Thanks dude! That chpater was so ripped! :D Heh heh...Sango's a perv! :)
7/20/2006 c4 Biggz
This is a good story.I am tired of those damned I/K,K/M stories.
7/19/2006 c4 7Curious-George5498
I think i'm in love.

7/16/2006 c4 13Inusgrl90
Man, I can tell it's not gonna be pretty when Sango finally explodes the secret on everyone.

Please update soon. I liked that this chapter was longer, keep it up.
7/15/2006 c4 Frielock222
I think this is a pretty good story this is the first story i read. can you please hurry up with another chapter.
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