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7/15/2006 c1 Twilight-Vampire-181
I'm sorry but I HATE THIS PAIR! why would sango betray kagome? hm? Inuyahsha cant love her! (i only read the first chapter) please dont take this as a flame. why dont u kill sango after inuyasha says he love kagome! Then sango can be miserable and die in hell for loving kagomes man! Cause that not fair if sango loves inuyasha
7/13/2006 c3 biggz
This is a great story,why dont you start writing Romance novels!
7/12/2006 c3 3Annixia Galanodel
I love the story so far, I like this pairing too, hope you write more soon ^_^
7/11/2006 c3 4B is for Backup
Awesome stoery!
7/11/2006 c3 6Metizalism
I like this story. It's a nice change from all the typical 'Oh, Inuyasha broke Kagome's heart for Kikyo' Stories. I hate those...Sango and Inuyasha seem so much more compatable to me anyway. But, I never persued the idea because I don't like KagomeMiroku pairings..It doesn't seem right to me. :) Anywho! Gimme an update soon.
7/11/2006 c3 13Inusgrl90
Not bad. Could you possibly make the chapters longer? It allows for more detail, which readers love in stories. It's easier to vizualize.

Please update soon.
7/11/2006 c3 25akiraflame-tumblr
Yay! This story has me hooked, like Starbucks coffee has me hooked...I hope this ends well...I just read one that didn't and gr...It was annoying me...but anywho! I love it and I hope you update soon!
7/11/2006 c2 Smokey
Great story. Feel sry for Sango though. Write soon!
7/10/2006 c2 14Abigail Fond
Aww SWEET! Thanks dude you rock! yeahyeah! :D
7/10/2006 c2 4twilightnights
=D Thanks for your responce too ! i love your story so much. It's really catchy once u start reading it. its like any other story, but it's got its own little mind lol. You're good!

continue as always!

See ya
7/10/2006 c2 Sango fan
Interesting story so far! Wonder how it'll progress! Go Sango-chan! Get that hanyou!
7/9/2006 c2 25akiraflame-tumblr
Yay! Encouragement! *showers you with it like its confetti* Woot! A new chapter! Lets see...well...I'm sleepy, so my review won't be AS encouraging. I still love it, so you have to keep up the great work. Umm...I'll post a more encouraging review with some tips later! *yawns* *glomps you suddenly* I'll be waiting to the next chapter!
7/9/2006 c2 13Inusgrl90
Poor Sango, she's in such a predicament..

Inu: Keh..wimpy ningen.


Inu: Oi! What was that for?

Baka hanyou, fall for Sango already!

Ahem, please update soon.
7/9/2006 c1 25akiraflame-tumblr
This is really good. Your writing style is very good and kept my attention the whole time. And you're taking the love a step at a time. Thats great. Many people say that once she realized she loved him, she automatically went to him and told him. Keep the pace this way, and you'll have every readers attention till the very end. I'll be anxiously awaiting the next chapter!
7/7/2006 c1 4twilightnights
good good good good good good good good good god and good! Continue soon, real soon!
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