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3/19/2010 c1 17darkorangecat
Lovely poem story. I really like the line: "When you're asked where you've been just say: with Story-teller and all will know what you mean" - such a wonderful truism. Nice work.
7/18/2008 c1 12SpiritoftheWhiteRose
*I know what you mean, thousand of hits and maybe ten reviews*

really really well written, I especially loved the first few lines
11/13/2006 c1 6Silver Kitsune Lunaria
This is great! I LOVE IT! So are you going to continue this. Really hope so. If not will you make a Spirited Away fan fiction.
7/22/2006 c1 1Virtual-Kiss
I'm not sure what it was about this...but I really DID like it. I don't know how to explain it...I suppose it was the simplicity if it all, though you should have made it a bit longer! Haha, but anyway, good job!

7/8/2006 c1 Da Jitter Bug
sorta strange...but good job!

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