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for My Beautiful Demon

1/18/2019 c1 32Noctus Fury
Wow! Very ominous! Well done! Very Nyra! I can totally see her singing this as she waits for her chick to hatch.

Thank you for writing this and for sharing this with us! We appreciate it. It's so sad that there's so little GoGH fanfics, and that not many people are posting a lot. :'(

Glaux Bless!

Noctus Fury
3/8/2007 c1 defunctpage
11/8/2006 c1 Obversa
Whoa. Chilling, but rue. Great work!
10/3/2006 c1 guardian
nice. ur a good poet. it could be ur career...
8/26/2006 c1 12Shi Knoll
awesome. It sounds so much like Nyra. I hope your other stories are like it
8/20/2006 c1 The Divinity Bunny
This is ok but not as good as some of your other poems.
8/9/2006 c1 Meggerrsss
7/23/2006 c1 Anne McCaffrey Rocks
Yes, good, except those two spelling errors mentioned before, and also

While he strikes his talons *into*, not ino, the chaw of chaws.

Anyway, very nice. Keep writing!
7/12/2006 c1 14Zealak Silverdirk
I thought it was good. Keep it up!

~Zealak Silverdirk
7/11/2006 c1 20Icefang Med Cat
I like this one!
7/11/2006 c1 Mala mala jong
SOREN will die...

like HIS father, he shall do great things...

other than those two spelling errors, VERY well done!

too bad that the world of "Guardians" is so small...*sniff*

nice poem/ballad...

Will you do anymore?

7/7/2006 c1 18Rainpath
Eek. Nyra is evil.

Good poem!

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