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for The Day They Died

4/21/2017 c1 7BookEnchantress101
8/7/2011 c1 11No Sleep Cuz I'm Awake
I laughed till I cried! Haha great job!
5/28/2009 c1 14ImmaBeatYouWithaCrowbar
'Quite likely a tear jerker. Get your tissues! Based on a true story.' WTF? Was that just something to lure readers in, or is this seriously supposed to be a sad fic that's based on a TRUE STORY? I have to admit, I laughed my head off when I read this. It probably is the most creative way someone has had them die yet.

This is a good break from all the tragic, angsty, and/or fall-in-love-with-the-new-girl fics that have been around lately.
4/26/2009 c1 Noami
stupid man that was funny
1/31/2009 c1 31Hollywood Grimm
omg this is officailly the best way to kill off the outisders XD frig I'm laughin' my ass of =P
6/14/2008 c1 7alex's wonderland
um...ok, so i'm a little confused. Was this supposed to be a comedy, or parody or something. Cause it works better like that, than like a tear-jerker.
6/7/2008 c1 1xxkaylakittyxo
Lmao! That was no tearjerker nor tragedy! It was a comedy to me! :P
1/28/2008 c1 80'srocker
Ok this story was umm ... orginal i guess. But i did not laugh or cry. and the poor dog! That just diturbing. And It was very jumpy, try to carry out parts out a bit more.

And sorry if this sounds like a flame , that was not intended.
7/1/2007 c1 19Hollie Katrina
Your brilliant
5/20/2007 c1 Caryn
o.O I'm really late in reviewing, but oh well! i was laughing through the whole thing. i thought it was going to be really sad and then i saw who wrote it. :) It was funny
4/23/2007 c1 7Blessedly Twilighted
no offense but that was possibly the worst story I've ever read. it's too skippy! you jump around way too much. you need to carry the story out longer!
1/23/2007 c1 Sparkling-angel13
im not gonna be like all the other people who commented; im not gonna lie and say i laughed so hard i was crying, or that i hated it and you shoudl die. it wasn;t good, but it wasn;t bad. v. v. orginal, i will say that. it did make me laugh a little, so i kinda liked it.

pretty good job!

9/13/2006 c1 Pictures
lmao i loved it :) great JOB!

7/16/2006 c1 11ForgottenSoul77
0.0; Creative...nice! - FS77
7/15/2006 c1 3RockerLane1110
Okay, I'm not crying. Out of laughter or otherwise. I guess it was funny in some parts and maybe I just have a hard time laughing. I thought it was funny when Two-Bit kidnapped the whole gang and tied them to his car. However, I'm not much of a fan of someone shooting a poor dog. So I didn't think it was all funny, but it wasn't totally humorless either.
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