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for Fiery Courage, Stormy Friendship

2/28/2012 c1 DEATH2Takarifans
Well some of the characters are right. But some are totally off kilter. First Matt! He doesn't deserve Friendship and he had NO right to treat Davis the way he did the first time. He was a right ass about Jun most of the time after he met her! He didn't know what June was like. Davis lives with her and knows what shes like and is entitled to his own opinion. It's not up to Matt and miss goody slut Kari to question that and have a go at him! I wanted to slap slutty Kari for that! And knee Matt in the balls! Davis ended up understanding Friendship from Tai and TK, not from that idiot Matt! Tottaly wrong!

Second Takenouchi doesn't deserve Love. she's not caring, not a mother type. She broke Tai's heart and went after his best friend, turning herself into a silly little fangirl in the process! DEATH to Sorato! That's not what a true friend does, like Matt did, and that's certainly not Love! Sora's a filthy little whore and doesn't deserve Love! Yolei's much more caring than slutty Sora is!

Third, TK. While he showed Davis what friendship is, he was also a reason from Davis' dislike. He always made fun of him and he never really lifted spirits in the group and kept Hope alive. That was mainly Davis, not TK. In the fights it was always Davis who lifted spirits and kept everyone going. He's the reason the Dark Spore kids kept their hopes and dreams alive. So that was wrong!

Fourth Kari. She certainly doesn't deserve Light. In the first season, she was a sweet, caring little darling. In the second season, she's a cruel, nasty little slut. She plays Davis and TK off against each other. She does things deliberately to hurt Davis' feelings. She's evil! Plus she doesn't deserve light as Light is supposed to be guiding and warm and caring. She doesn't guide, she hides away every chance she gets. She's a total coward! And the Dark Ocean always gets her! She's weak. Light is strong, she's weak. Light is guiding, she's not. Light is warm, she's a cold brat! Light is everything Kari Kamiya isn't! Totally screwed that one up! Oh, and Kari's no angel! I see angels as pure, warm, protective! Kari's none of these. If I was an angel I'd feel insulted. Kari's certainly not protective. I wouldn't put my life in her hands. Wouldn't trust her as far as I could throw her!

Lastly, you got Ken's part right, but the part where the rest took ages accepting him was off slightly. TK was accepting but knew that Ken had to forgive himself first. Kari was the first to give the stupid look and say "he'll have to prove it to me." As iff anyone has to prove themselves to that little cow! She's done worse to Davis than Ken ever did!

So all in all, four crests were wrong and you described them wrong. But the rest were good.

One last thing, DAVIS IN NOT AN IDIOT! He also has just as much right with Kari as TK does. He's known her as long and she just threw his friendship aside! I'm just thankful Takari doesn't become canon!
10/29/2007 c1 4The Two-One-Five
Man, how did I miss this story before? I don’t know whether to laugh at how you used to write or be amazed at how much you’ve improved…I think I might do both. OMFG, what were you thinking…looking at this, I’m glad you improved as a writer….seriously, did you even write this….if you hadn’t improved this much, none of us would reading that masterpiece called Zero2…Hahaha…truly amazing how one improves over the years…hahaha…keep up the good work….hahaha*falls of chair and hits back of head on mini fridge*Ow….my pride, but probably had that coming. But all in all, decent story :-p
7/1/2006 c1 8DaiCrazy
Me is tired...midnight waiting for my dad to give me my rightfully owned dinner. :P

Anyways, I took a midway break(I last read chapter 25) from Zero 2: A revision. BTW, I loved Housemates!*claps*

But it isn't about those two...:D

Usually, when people write one shots based on Dai-kun, they write about how the others mistreat him. When they write on his thoughts, they usually write this angsty driven chain about how he's alone and so on. But you actually wrote GOOD thoughts on the others from his point of view. Nicely written, plus it gave me a break from those long 30-80 chapter stories I've been reading with about 20 billion words. Now that I've refreshed myself, back to Zero Two: A Revision!
3/15/2006 c1 4Kouji-wolf
That was a gret one-shot, Ultra Sonikku! For some of the things that were said, I had never thought that he WOULD say them; out loud at least. I can see him saying them in his head, though. Anywho, again, great one-shot, and I hope you write more like this one. Maybe one from each digidestined's perspective?It's your choice, of course. Please, just tell me if you do. This is so good, it's going on my Favorites list!

6/27/2005 c1 6simply just being
it's interesting... but a bit... i dunno should i say pointless? the descriptions are good but they don't really go along with anything...

but i still like it. it's good.
2/10/2005 c1 Kari Kamiya
hi...um...that was really sweet...um...but odnomal...


Love, Kari
1/3/2005 c1 Dark Qiviut
I think this was an awesome piece of work for a first story. You have absolutely portrayed into Davis's thoughts as if it was authentic. Very nice.

Your thoughts have really hit into my thoughts of Davis. He was my favorite male character (with Catherine my favorite female character). I always believed that, even though he can be obsessed with Kari occasionally, I always thought he'd put that second when it comes to other important situations, especially when it comes to a friend who needs his aid.

In a special piece of work I made up at home (the fanfiction won't be not found here or any other website, to let all of you know), a female Original Character, Kansy Halbery to be specific, targeted that fact at one point, strengthening his pride greatly.

I always believed that when he gets mocked by the others, his pride gets shot down gradually. And I always feel sorry for him. That's why I like him so much.

You did a great job as of being your first fanfiction.
8/3/2004 c1 1dee-unlm1t3d
Nice work... I truly believe you got everything down... I really believe those are davis true opinions for everyone.. I have seen season 2 and trust me you have interpreted davis real thoughts... Through his actions in the show, you just can tell that's what he really thinks...
1/31/2002 c1 34Tashana Ambrosia
I thought this was really neat. Great idea. I thought his thoughts on everyone were acurate to him. Awesome job.

6/3/2001 c1 Snodin
Awesome, dude, this was great!
6/2/2001 c1 2Digi Bonds
When are you planning to add another chapter to the Digi-Episodes?

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