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4/30/2011 c2 5Azkam Shazam
I feel the story needs to be in the passed tense because it makes it confusing for us readers to understand your sentences when they are structured like that. Other wise, the plot makes sense. =)
12/3/2010 c8 3KatiaSwift

If you want me to beta your story, I would love to. This is excellent! Keep writing!

4/13/2009 c8 3Bria Tharen
Aw... That is pretty cute! Please write more!
4/13/2009 c2 Bria Tharen
I'm just curious... why did you decide to name him "Rick?"
1/6/2008 c8 8DanaeMariSkywalker
This was great! Keep up the great work! :-D

1/6/2008 c8 15dragoneyes171986

more soon!
1/3/2008 c7 4ElieLea
My first time reading and I LOVE it! great plot and great writing! :) continue soon please!
12/11/2007 c7 Sylval
New chapter!

I love this story. How will be the Lina reaction when she know the true?

Can't wait other year for the next update. More soon!
12/9/2007 c7 8DanaeMariSkywalker
This is a great story! Leia and Han's reunion was so beautiful! Also Han and his kids reunion was beautiful too! :-D

I wonder when 'Rick's' girlfriend will find out about him actually being Han Solo and Leia being the mother of his children. I also wonder when Greg'll find out. He seems to be a nice guy.

Keep up the great work! I can't wait for the next chapter! :-D

12/8/2007 c7 65MJLS
great chapter hon'...=)this was really sweet ^^

keep up the good work and update as soon as you can =)
11/14/2007 c6 1x-sparklyunicorns
update please
11/26/2006 c6 31Lelila Solo
Oh, I love it! I can't wait for the rest!
11/17/2006 c6 LeiaMichaela
Oh good to see you updated and much better so have Han and Leia met again! Can't wait to see how long it will take him to remember more. The kids will be trilled to get to know that the man with the chapux is there father. Poor Greg but it's time to say good bye;)

Please update soon.
11/5/2006 c6 Pitdroid
Yeah! Han and Leia finally met again. And best of all, Han remembered her. Looking forward to seeing if Lina gets what the old man said she would get for her behavior. Good writing!
10/31/2006 c6 15dragoneyes171986
oh i really hope he strats to remember soon

and that leai doesn't marry that other guy!
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