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8/3/2010 c1 1TheUnhappyEnding
Wow, you are very devoted to this Final Destination stuff. Keep up the good work!
12/15/2004 c10 Billy
hehe...read some more of it!still great,but Billy being that mean about Alex?i think not.lol but it is still good!funny when Tod and Alex go to the bar.gonna read more soon!
12/15/2004 c6 Billy
VERY clever i have to say!and i was laughing for a long time really!yeah and when Billy was shouting that his goat made him unpopular or something,that was hillarious!even though hes my favorite character...hehe anyways great plot and i love this movie also!memorized every single thing in the movie!
1/30/2004 c12 8Bed 'N' Breakfast
Oh my God! This story is BRILLIANT! I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL THE NEXT CHAPPIE! You sound like a real fan of FD. And that's good to know I'm not the only one around XD. By the way, I love your Simpsons quotes. SIMPSONS RULE!
7/3/2003 c12 1Dharke
hey there remember me? i'm the saddo who likes to quote a lot, but its not surprising when coming across a story as good as this. i've just read all twelve chapters, its taken me some time, but i got there. i was gonna review on every chapter but i came across too many good quotes and i lost track from where they came from.

I've got some advise; maybe on the first chapter you could more clearly define which film you like because i am at a loss to which one it is. lol.

"The crappy plastic monkeys hanging from his bedroom ceiling had stopped being fun and just got boring. He was convinced they were plotting his doom, late at night when he was in bed." lol! so funny. its great when a writer uses the props seen on films to tell a completly different story.

"Suddenly, there was a crash, and a something which sounded suspiciously like the shattering of glass."Hmm," Alex thought aloud. "That sounded suspiciously like the shattering of glass."" lol again!

"Alex slammed the front door behind him and stepped over Carter’s unconscious body." hahaha serves carter right.

"He had decided to pay a little visit on Carter Hort- Oh yeah, right, he’s unconscious. Hang on, rewind... dniwer ,no gnaH .suoicsnocnu s’eh ,thgir ,haey hO -troH retraC no tisiv elttil a yap ot dediced dah eH.

Right. He had decided to pay a little visit on er...Tod...Yeah, that’ll do." i'll just say that your interaction with the story is great.

"At that moment he caught sight of his reflection in a piece of tin-foil on the floor.

"Hi there handsome," he said to his reflection." lol! i'd have to agree although i wouldn't imagine sensible alex saying that.

""Wow, this time you really dropped your gay card," Alex smirked.

"So?" Tod flicked his hair out of his eyes." i knew it! i knew that e.s.t was gay!

"As they entered the classroom, they slowly realised it was French." i like the use of 'slowly'.

"Mr. Murnau the teacher wasn’t there at the moment, because he was dead, so typically, the class were running amok." lol, sweet and straight to the point.

"Alex couldn’t be arsed to sit in his desk, so he sat on it instead." again i like your choice of words. 'arsed' goes nicely.

"Tod couldn’t even be bothered to do that. He just sat in mid-air." lol! how the hell do you do that?

"Alex couldn’t sleep. He was sitting up in his bed, the covers tucked around him, scared to death. He daren’t turn out the light." lol! the best phobia.

"He took a running jump and dived out of the window, momentarily forgetting that he couldn’t fly. He realised it a second too late." lol! the stupid fuck-up.

""Pictures in my head of the Final Destination," he sang happily, clicking his fingers." hmm i wonder where that song came from...

""Oh, morning Barb, Alex..." Then he noticed his son asleep in his cereal, and did a double take. "Alex? Get your head of your dish you silly, silly boy!"" lol! love it!

"He thought back to some of his favourite memories. Eating a chocolate bar...Having a hair cut...Buying his sweater...Finding a penny on the carpet..." what a wonderful life he's had.

"There was a knock at the door while Tod was watching the Teletubbies." lol!

"“Oh, yeah, he’s that FBI agent’s brother, you know, the one’s who tried to make you admit you took heroin?"" i knew it! that explains the odd behaviour at the beginning of the story.

"If they beep their horn at me again!" Ken said in a warning tone. "I’m gonna fucking twat them!"" you must use some of your own personal experiences with people in this story, 'cos that reminds me so much of my dad.

"Alex explained. "In my case, I picked Carter Horton. He picked Billy Hitchcock, Tod picked himself by some hilarious mistake."" lol! great explanation for their bullying.

""Tod, since George is dead, we are going to shower you with love," she told him, in a happy voice. "Sounds great."" lol! love it!

""Me too!" Billy replied stupidly. "Hey, around this time of night, I usually swing my cat around my head and throw it out the window."Clear’s jaw suddenly dropped open in shock. "NO WAY! That’s what I like doing too!"" love the idle hands mentions in this fic. did i mention i loved that movie?

""Come on," the barman persisted. "You," he pointed at Alex, who was looking down at the bar. "You look screwed up kid. What’s up?"" lol! he certainly is screw up.

"Just at that moment Alex re-appeared looking stupid as always." lol! your so mean to him, but then its bloody hilarious.

"Alex is a tortued soul Clear. He’s got the whole ‘Dark and Mysterious Psychic Superhero."" (sighs in awe) he sure has.

anyway thats all of the memorable quotes that i could remember off the top of my head. no really i did. honest!

i dunno if your gonna add to this, i sure hope you do because you've got something special.
6/23/2003 c1 Kazuha-chan
So great ficcie really like it and great to see that there are much more people which are so fanatic about FD so u are saying u are the biggest fan in the world? Than i can say I am the biggest fan of FD from Germany!

If u want to talk to me about the whole FD thing u can write me an email... I would be glad to have some friends which are the same like me fanatic and dream about FD every night... so if u want write me... okay?

I like ur fic really ^^'
5/26/2003 c1 shadow
Hi there!

Muahahahaha! Bein' in the 5th chapter I gotta tell you once more, how great you are! Yeah, I'm that annoying one (not the annoited one,no. Unless you don't know "Buffy" ' s Spike, you won't get. But whatever.) who's suddenly appearing out of nothing to write stupid little reviews for almost all of your cool FD-fanfics. But they don't let me get into my favorite one BEFORE THEY HAD THEIR FD. Damn! Well, maybe it' s that fate likes you a lot and tries to prevent you from getting too much of my nonsense. In another review I wrote, that BEFORE... was my first fanfic of yours, which is wrong. It was FUNNY LITTLE DIALOGUES. Laughin' my ass off, making a complete fool of myself , which I - honestly - already am, but who cares? (My God, whenever I say that, I have that picture of the Amber-scene (CLUELESS - the movie) in my mind. Know, what I mean?))

You're definitly hyper! WHOAH!

5/13/2003 c3 Roguedragon
This is hilarious! Alex is loosing his mind

BTW . When Billy and Carter are talking you should

have put him(Billy) saying "Carter You Dick!"

This is soo funny! I've got yet to finish it.
5/24/2002 c1 King Cobra3
*laughs until he gets the hiccups*
9/30/2001 c12 1Abbie
continue! I love alex and the plastic monkey parts! PLEASE GO ON!
7/17/2001 c8 Jemma again
Argh, okay, I just wanted to say a couple of things (YOU FERKIN RULE!)

I noticed that part where Carter peed his pants! I was laughing my ass off going "He peed his pants! haaahahaaa!" This stories really cool. ;)

I originally saw Idle Hands cuz Tom DeLonge was in it (I love ~Idle Hands!), then I saw Final Destination cuz Seann William Scott and Devon Sawa was in it and...argh, we're gonna have to talk or something over email or AIM! You're so cool and this story is so funny...okay, I'm babbling. And i'm the biggest dork the world's ever seen (I'm proud of it too!). Well, uhm, later. :P
7/17/2001 c1 Jemzie
This is so funny! I was seriously laughing out loud! YOU RULE!

I dont think your sad, Final Destination is the best movie EVER. And this is the funniest thing I've ever read in my life and I'm only at the end of chapter 1! YOU ROCK!

Oh yeah, have you ever watched Final Destination backwards? I have, it's so much happier that way. ;) lol

(Yeah., I know, I'm the world's biggest dork!)
7/6/2001 c2 Rebecca
No offense but that was BORING! I had nothing else so I read this. Apart that I hate the movie I have the main character. He's such a ! Especially since he hates Jonathan Davis. (At least that's what I heard). Weird story but why write about a horrid actor. Instead of the movie giving me nightmares. He gave me nightmares. I'm traumatized because of it. You're a good writer but write about something else!
6/13/2001 c2 my name I don't have a sodding name
hi.very crap indeed really. No, I'm kidding. I wrote this and its ace in my opinion, but read it and prove me wrong if you want.
6/3/2001 c7 Jen
This was so funny! I almost died laughing at the part about the plastic monkeys and the goat, and the Cider House Rules thing. lol, keep up the rad work, hope to see you continue!

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