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3/28/2018 c86 Max
Checking in again .I would really like you to finish this wonderful story
6/17/2017 c86 4The-Knight2000
So... A long read so far, over which a truly epic story has been told. I can only hope that the story continues to a conclusion!
3/9/2017 c86 Max
Please keep writing. This is still a wonderful story
1/28/2017 c86 jeengray
Oh yeah! It's been so long, I forgot what was the story about. You'll be all GeorgeRRMartin'ish on me :)
The chapter seemed a bit stretched for me. Like soap opera episode. To many dialogue.
Also, Rafe' analytical insight in interstellar pollitics is astounding. Really? From a fraud that he is?
Beka is a High guard officer? Will Riker of the RS Ship Andromeda Ascendant? Awww...
I miss good ole Dylan and hotheaded, reckless, passionate pilot Beka already. This calculating person, a strategist is new to me.
Do you plan to bring Dylan back? Do you plan to finish the story, while we are still breathing and interested? ;)
1/21/2017 c86 69CSIRide-Kirk
Please continue, what's happening to Dylan?
1/7/2017 c86 Max
Please continue this. I have been reading it forever
10/1/2016 c86 11stars90
Wow. I like the your interpretation of the effect Ral Parthia had on Dylan, it makes a lot of sense. Seeing Beka square off against the empress like that was awesome. Keep it up!
10/25/2014 c85 jeengray
After midnight rewatch of the show with friends, I' reread Gambit. As a whole story. And actually I liked it even more than the original series. Because characters are as I'd wanted them to be on the show - formidable, ruthless, efficient, military-cut. Though not so slightly, out of cannon.
It's a little unusual to hear military crisp jargon from, lets say, Harper. And Beka, saluting and in uniform. And giving orders. And not flirting with Nietz. Although how and why they accepted her as Matriarch remains a secret to me.
Also, I never didn't get why Rhade was only a leutenant-commander on the show. Why not the full Commander at least. Im rambling, I know.
It's great to make connection between Beka and Thalia. We didnt get much explanation, how senator got married to a freihter captain.
And of course, mighty and mysterious Vedran Empire... I really really am looking forward how things going to happen.
I've read Andomeda books by Tor publishing. And I say, that this story is a way better then any of those. For Beka and Harper fans. For Dylan and Doyle fans. For Beka and Dylan deep complex meaningful relationship fans.

Anyway, I'm sure, that at least 16 good people wait for continuation. And ilexx to come back to us
3/7/2014 c85 max
Thank in your own universe is patient
1/15/2014 c85 stars90
I'm really glad you've decided to continue this. It's a great story with wonderful character development.
1/11/2014 c85 13JovianJeff
A masterful chapter of debate, declaration and discussion. It was wonderful to find out so much and in such an entertaining manner.
1/2/2014 c84 13Flowersbound
Utterly fantastic. I know you haven't updated this story and probably abandoned it but here is hoping that maybe you can finish this story off. With all things at a loss there is always hope.
7/30/2013 c84 4Wing Omega
Oh boy Bekka really should have known better then to get weepy about blowing a system wide military and army breeding base, and especially leaving Trance behind to save it. Fun story though I wish Trance (My favorite character from the series) wasn't written out of it, then brought back only to be written out again because Bekka grew squeamish.
6/8/2013 c84 jeengray
Hello there!
It's been almost a year since last update. Ilexx, are you still with us? Are you ok? :)
6/15/2012 c84 max
write faster
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