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for Pride Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

8/27/2006 c2 7A Handful of Words
OH! Update more please! This is a good crossover!
7/17/2006 c4 Jedi472
Hm...Star Wars and The Lion King?Sounds cool!Keep writing!:)
7/14/2006 c2 Duke Devlin
Okay, It's alright so far, but there are a few things that need work like spelling in places and spaces between the words (Just pointing that out.). However it's not that bad, not bad at all. I'd like to see how Scar and the Hyena's will work with the Sith, the Trade Federation armies.Anyway I liked it and I'm interested to see what Chapter 3 will be like.

Duke Devlin
7/13/2006 c1 Duke Devlin
Hmm... Lion King and Star Wars... this has possibilities. Plz update soon and I'll tell you more about what I think about this. It's a good start though, I'll give you that.

Duke Devlin
7/12/2006 c1 G Panthera
I already like this story! UpDate!
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