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7/18/2006 c1 that's the way love goes
Vegeta was never one to faint but i'm glad he finally did. Update soon
7/17/2006 c1 5The General of Darkness
Oy! O.O You have NO idea how happy I am to see this fic again! I was moderately surprised to see it "disappear" for some time... (heheh...I was one of those lurkers..*cough cough* that didn't review...gomen nasai! ^_^') but I'm glad to see it up again!

If I recall correctly, this is a wonderfully told story...I can't wait to read it again. ^_^ I wasn't a yaoi fan when I first read it yet this one of the few fics I followed, a guilty pleasure if you will ;-). I've gotten a lot more acceptant of yaoi now, so I'll def. be reviewing. I love the interactions you create between Goku and Veggie...so cute!

Well...off to make up for all those "lurking" times :-P...

-Da General
7/15/2006 c4 1alvinia
I like this story very much. Update soon!
7/15/2006 c1 vilraen
I like this story very much. Update soon!
7/13/2006 c4 4gokuspasm
I like this story update soon! Bye!
7/12/2006 c4 that's the way love goes
I like your story and vegeta and goku do make a nice couple.
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