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8/30/2002 c4 killinjoke
No! Not a cliffehanger! ;) lol. I like this a lot. Keep going
3/29/2002 c2 11Josephine Sawyer
*ahem* Hello. Thanks for your review of my fic, I appreciate it very much. I'll probably check your CATS fics too, because I know CATS, although not quite as well as some other musicals (I still know most of the songs)

In any case, I'm quite a nit-picker, so if this were posted in the books/peter pan section, I would have tons more to say. However, since this is technically based on the movie, and many of my noticed inconsistancies were with the book and things that were not mentioned in the movie, I think that you're fine on the behalf of consistancy.

If you want to keep doing Peter Pan fics, you might want to read the original book, Peter Pan, by J.M.Barrie, if you haven't already. I highly recommend it.

Okay. Now that that's done, about your story.

I really like it. There are a few spelling mistakes, but nothing that really interferes with the story. In general, it's a good story. I like that you quote the movie. (Since that's what you have it based on)

The idea of Wendy going back to the Neverland with her daughter is a sweet idea.

In any case, thanks quite a bit for the review, and I'll scamper off and review your other stuff now.
3/3/2002 c3 32Zorra Reed
I like this. Its funny. You may want

to try posting it in books/peter pan

for more reviews. Ja'ne
2/25/2002 c3 Sugar Cube
I really like your story please write more if not for yourself for me thanks ta ta
2/19/2002 c3 2second-star-21
I love your story so far! Keep writing! I can't wait to see more...I love Peter Pan and I really like your story!
2/19/2002 c1 5Xtremechik2
ohhhhh hurry w/ the nest chapter i wanna know whats gunna happen next
2/18/2002 c3 6The Deadly Dolly
Update please
12/30/2001 c2 37Ana the Romantic
This is a very good story! I absolutly love peter pan fics. Ihope you right more very soon.
10/9/2001 c2 waterlily
Cool. I wish Amanda could have gone to though.
9/15/2001 c2 trish
its a nice story please write more
7/6/2001 c2 Cat's Meow
Very nice! I'd be curious to see The Lost Boys' reaction when they sees the grown-up Wendy! :)
6/26/2001 c2 1JapanGoddess
AWW! very sweet! a few grammar errors though, but no big harm done. I still can't picture an 44 year old Wendy flying back to Neverland. Perhaps if you described how does she looks now?

AH well! can't wait for chapter 3 to come up!
6/19/2001 c2 Samalander
I... Never want to grow up... There have got to be more people who write Peter Pan fics... As odd as that may sound... I am too... Old... For thi- NO! MUST FLY TO NEVERLAND! SECOND STAR TO THE RIIIIIIIIIII- *jumps off of chair and smashes into the ground* Ouch...
6/17/2001 c2 keiki kona
awww hwo sweet! it's sounding really good so far. ^_^ i am working on a peter pan fic right now too! only i haven't posted it yet. keep writing! i wanna read the rest!
6/6/2001 c2 635LuckyLadybug
Ooooh, so cute! I luve this so far! Keep writing! You know, I've never seen the Disney movie, but I luved the Fox TV show, hehe . ..
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