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for Timon & Pumbaa: Times of change

6/18/2017 c9 Bella Morris
I'm really scared about what's going to happen next. I really love Timon and I dont want anything happening to him. This sounds like Myla, I just realized. But I don't care. I still love Timon as a character and I would love him if he was a human (he would be, like, my best friend), and I don't want anything happening to him. Is there something wrong? I don't think so. Good , everyone understands.
6/18/2017 c6 Carmen Mileo
OK, I have to make this snappy, because I want to know what Timon meant.
So, Timon and Myla were walking. Timon was trying to get Myla to tell stories about her life, while he told his. He told her about the bubble incident, and the star incident. When Timon told Myla how they laid on the ground, Myla surprisingly flopped down. Then, Myla told a story about her life, finally. Timon said these exact words.
"Whoa, it must be really late. Let's get you back to your tree so we can both h get some sleep. Oh, you know what I meant."
Well, now that I made my summary, I need to get back to the story so I can see what Timon meant, although I think I already know️
6/18/2017 c4 Carmen Mileo
This chapter was about Timon meeting with Myla. They both forgave and forgot, just like I suspected, and Timon offered to bring Pumbaa over to chat. After Pumbaa came over, they went to the tree that Timon and Pumbaa were talking about. Over by that tree, Timon noticed that Myla was not eating anything and Timon asked why. Myla replied that she didn't like millipedes, which is what they were eating. Timon kept offering the millepede until she ate it, and she told him that he was right by saying that she'd like it. The author states that Timon was happy about this.
About the author's note, the story doesn't seem smushed at all.
I'm predicting that the next chapter will be about Timon inviting Myla to Simba's baby's presentation. If that's true, I think that Myla will say yes, and they'll hook up.
6/18/2017 c3 Carmen Mileo
I think that this chapter is one of my favorites, too. But first of all, let me get to the authors note. First, maudiebeans is really great because without him/her, I wouldn't have a great story to read like this one. Second, Nala's mom's name is Sarafina.
Now, about the story. I think the next chapter will be about how Timon and Myla forgive and forget what happened the day before, or Timon's pride will get the best of him, and he will be really mad a time Myla. This is a really good story, so let me get to the next chapter.
5/29/2013 c10 Guest
what?! I wanted to find out what simba's reaction to timon having a girlfriend was! Bummer! Great story. Keep 'em commin'1
2/21/2010 c10 Michelle
5/31/2009 c1 Suricate
Wow! This story was a joy to read, i loved it so much. Myla and Timon seem like a cute couple. I'm adding this story to my faves. ^^ Althouhg there are two things I just needed to point out, the ending felt a little rushed and the word 'said' was used too much. Besides that the story seems like it was dipped in a sizzling pot of awesomesause and then served on a golden platter. It was utter genious. ^^
5/18/2008 c10 78SunRise19
Oh wow, I really enjoyed this story! I read the whole thing, and I really liked it!

Your character of Myla was nice to get to know right along with Timon getting to know her. I'm glad you included Uncle Max, that's rare to see that character in a fanfic. You had everyone in character, this story was great! You can bet I'll be reading more of your stories very soon! Keep up the great work!
11/15/2007 c10 7Jack Stryker
Well, I finally found some time to read this story. Good work. I kinda wanted to slap Timon at the end of chapter 9, but I'm glad he finally came to his senses. I think I can picture the Lion King 2 & 1/2 going something like this, if they ever made it.
9/29/2007 c1 2Wrathlingx
this is really good! i like it! ^.^


12/16/2006 c10 19Narfy
Aw very sweet ending, I liked how Timon wants to tell Simba everything just so he won't feel as embarrassed and I am glad he worked it out with Myla, those two deserve each other. And congrats on finishing this story it takes a lot of effort to work on a story that you enjoy doing, I just wish you would have gotten more reviews, oh well one of these days just wait and see.

Well Merry Christmas, see you here or at Deviant art which ever comes first.

Keep up the good work and have fun writing. :)
12/13/2006 c10 6Pichooi

Just thought I'd let you know that I really really really LOVED your story. The whole thing! I also like how in the last chapter it kind of reconnects with the lion king movie plots :)

Hope you continue to write wonderful stories such as this and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
12/12/2006 c10 3Maudiebeans
Be proud, it's quite an accomplishment! X3 Glad I could be there to help, even if it was simply reviewing the chapters before you put them up. Though I've said my praises in my email I want to say again that I think you did a good job with this fic. You worked hard on it and were very careful in keeping everyone in character.

Hope you have a very Merry Christmas :D and look forward to your next projects!
11/12/2006 c9 19Narfy
Aw Poor Myla, Timon really does not know how to show love doesn't he. I hope Timon can find it in his heart to know how much she cares about her. This was a very nice chapter. Well I hope to see more soon so keep up the good work and have fun writing. :)
11/2/2006 c9 3Maudiebeans
It's good to see this fanfic getting some reviews :) you deserve it. I think you are doing well with it too! I like the whole backstory for Uncle Max and how it affects Timon.

And I like Myla's development. She is difficult at first and always conflicting with Timon which is fun, but its nice to see her slowly change and get a look at her soft side. And her confession was unique too. Seeing as the two characters aren't really the mushy sort, I can imagine she would have a difficult time blurting things out. And of course what Timon did was very...Timon-ish. The dumb jerk! XD

Looking forward to reading what will happen next! I wish you luck!

Your friend,

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