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8/13/2008 c4 Strawberry Fields Forever
I love this story. A lot.

Ron and Hermione are adorable. Good thing they weren't sorted into Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. I love that Ron's dim...hahaha.
8/13/2008 c2 8Trekkie S. Monster
Love Harry's cheekiness. It reminds me of Georgia Nicolson...
12/28/2007 c1 ArcticFire
Seems really interesting!
10/27/2007 c4 Trekkie S. Monster
This is a good idea, and it's playing out well. I like the short chapters too-feels like I have to work less. *sigh* just kidding.
9/2/2007 c40 17billys-green-soup
okay, I started this story in Noveber of last year, right? and I absolutly LOVE IT! always have. thought it was a super cool idea. but I didn't have a comp at the time and then by the time I got one, it was SO LONG! so I copied it all into a word doc, like I do with everything that's amazing, and I finally just saved the last chapter and it took me like 20 minutes to just copy and paste the last 3 chapters. but that is totally not the point. I loves it! !


long stories + dial up = many tears
7/18/2007 c40 4DCoD

I loved it! Absolutely perfect ending - to part one, of course. I can just imagine Hermione taking points when Ron doesn't listen to her, only to have him give her that exasperated look of his. And hehe, Draco's broom all impatient. It doesn't really care what Draco thinks of himself, it's all ready to fly.

Looking forward to part two! :D
7/18/2007 c40 abbsy
what are Fred and George talking about? They are awesome awesome awesome role models. :D

and you need to finish this i forget how cool it was writing our hp fics together last summer.
7/18/2007 c40 4Yabberli
Ah! You've ended it on a cliffhanger! NOW what am I supposed to do?

Just kidding, of course. I've got plenty to do, considering there's less than 3 days till Deathly Hallows!

Anyway, write more soon, and I hope yyou enjoy the last book!

7/18/2007 c40 8ttfn.tahtahfornow

“I s’pose it’s up to Draco Malfoy, man of extraordinary talents, to save the day once agai—”

Um, I totally love Draco.

Part one was awesome.

Is part two going to be posted as part of this same story or as a sequel?

Anywho, great job!

7/18/2007 c40 3Dishonorable
Short, yet excellent chappie!
7/18/2007 c39 Dishonorable
Update soon!
7/14/2007 c39 1Lil'layah
fun for you, fun for me, fun for everybody
7/12/2007 c39 4Yabberli
Er. I kind of forgot what happened in this story. I'm gonna have to reread a bunch of it...

7/11/2007 c39 abbsy
go harry! save Ginny! hey you have a t-shirt that says that. :D
7/11/2007 c38 abbsy
sufficiently creepy, but Tom always is. :D send me more ani you stopped writing. i kinda want to know what's up with protagonist too.
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