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3/13/2007 c20 9Captain Cheese
Poor draco. You can be my friend when harry ditches u
3/13/2007 c18 Captain Cheese
Hm. So nevilles the scarred one but harry gets the wand. very interested to see where this goes
3/13/2007 c17 Captain Cheese
heh heh

Man I love this story. You are an entertaining writer
3/13/2007 c16 Captain Cheese
lol Hermione and Ron.. so cute
3/13/2007 c15 Captain Cheese
ah no I like Draco and Harry being "best friends". Dont have them fight :P
3/13/2007 c13 Captain Cheese
lol me like harry potter in yr story much better the the real one
3/13/2007 c12 Captain Cheese
wahoo! Are u bringing the trio together? But I like draco and harry! harry and draco! Em harry and draco


3/13/2007 c11 Captain Cheese
DUN Dun dun indeed. But still, if the diary in this story is the same as the siary in the other story, why on earth is he giving it to his son? I mean is son persessed and killed? Yay daddy
3/13/2007 c10 Captain Cheese
I love slash. ARe they only kints then -sighs-
3/13/2007 c8 Captain Cheese
Yoku dekimashita

Well done :P
3/13/2007 c7 Captain Cheese
DUN Dun dun.. my goodness. So yrve gone the Nerville Longbottom way of happenings. Cant wait to see how this turns out
3/13/2007 c5 Captain Cheese
awesome. I really enjoying this story
3/13/2007 c3 Captain Cheese
3/13/2007 c2 Captain Cheese
lol I think I like this new Harry
3/13/2007 c1 Captain Cheese
lol funny! And shocking! Harry Potter! Naughty... and so hot :P
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