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12/16/2022 c17 Guest
Please post the epilogue! It would be the best Christmas gift
6/28/2022 c17 Guest
Please post the epilogue!
2/26/2022 c17 Guest
I know it’s not very likely but I still hope you will upload an epilogue. This was a wonderful story!
11/1/2021 c17 Guest
Still hoping for an epilogue 11 years later ️
9/4/2021 c17 Sarah v
Epilogue pleaseeeee
3/2/2021 c17 reesa0817
Just finished this story for the second time and it was as great as I remembered. This is by far my fave fanfiction story. I am Rogan at 1st but this story makes me reconsider Trory. Also, this reads much more like a novel than a ff. You should look into having it published.
1/19/2021 c17 Guest
I hope you will come back and post the epilogue. I would love to see a chapter of them together back at the castle. I know it’s been years but please come back and post the last chapter!
12/30/2020 c17 Guest
Hoping that you still get email notifications from these reviews. I reread this story every winter break and would love to read the epilogue and read about their happily ever after!
9/18/2020 c17 Guest
I’ve read this story so many times and each time I get to the end I wish there was an epilogue. Even though it’s been so long please post the epilogue!
9/18/2020 c17 Guest
This is my favorite story. Please update it with the epilogue!
9/12/2020 c17 olgaaznarez1
It was truly really nice to read something like this!
6/30/2020 c17 Guest
I’ve read this story many times and it is one of my favorites. I would really love to see the epilogue and I hope even though it’s been so long, that you will update!
5/17/2020 c17 Guest
It’s been 10 years but I’d love to see this finished off as you intended!
5/8/2020 c17 Guest
Please post the epilogue! Or a few more chapters of their life together
5/2/2020 c17 rnataja
I am amazed of what a talented writer you are! I've read it numerous times in the past 2 years since I discovered it, and although it might be a small chance, I truly hope that you'll be able to give us that epilogue.
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