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2/17 c35 CaseSensitive007
Wow thank you for writing this masterpiece. I never once considered this ship but I stumbled upon this story and had to read it. Your plot, grammar, storyline, punctuation, and description of characters was absolutely perfect! Please update! I know it’s been years but damn it this story is so good, it’s slim pickings out there for FF.
11/11/2022 c35 Guest
I've been following this fic since it came out and saddened that this might have been abandoned already? Can someone clarify please?
11/6/2022 c8 Dawn Willabye
Ngl this story makes me want KabuSaku
10/22/2022 c35 Guest
Very glad you ended on such a sweet note. Their spar was good. But even with just taijutsu Kimimaro wouldn't Have had terrible with sakura... Super strength or not...
10/22/2022 c34 Sak
Smack down! So good!
Sasuke the perfect annoying jerk
Sakura holding her own wooo!
10/22/2022 c33 Sak
I love how you make Ino actually a supportive friend and tells sakura she's beautiful. It seems in most other fics she is so self obsessed or I guess threatened, she can't even do that.
Besties compliment each other!
And omg someone get Sasuke a JOB
10/22/2022 c32 Sak
Kimi short broke my heart and I like seriously almost burst out crying with the sweet love of him wanting to give sakura the rest of his heart.
Truly a lovely thing. Superbly written
10/21/2022 c31 Sak
The... Goodness! All of it n
10/21/2022 c30 Sak
Love that gai and kimimaro spar
10/21/2022 c29 Sak
Yeah BYE Sasuke pff srsly
10/21/2022 c28 Sak
Their first date was adorable.
Like rock Lee
10/21/2022 c27 Sak
Uhm... Telling Sasuke about the Uchiha plot just as he woke up was maybe not the best idea
But also delaying such huge info isn't great either..
Also sakura and kimimaro cannot seriously apricot make out in public
10/20/2022 c26 Sak
Whew ok, we got the guilt of loving Sasuke like an idiot for years Over with!
10/20/2022 c25 Sak
So kimimaro is the strongest guy ever.
She was in his lap
10/20/2022 c24 Sak
Ok having a midnight snack now because they were eating dinner and it got too much for me
The neighbor gossip lady. LOL
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