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for 10 Things I Hate About John Allerdyce

7/11/2014 c1 ReadingWasNeverMyThing
Cute story!
2/5/2010 c1 2MzFizzySprite
it's cool how she said what she hated and then said what happened to make her say that
6/30/2009 c1 92fooboo24


4/14/2009 c1 15Alexxis T. Swan
Loved the movie. Loved Heath Ledger. I even looked up the poem and memorized it a few hours before I came upon this story. I never get tired of Kyro as long it's something I haven't already read. 10 things I hate about you was so good.
6/10/2007 c1 13moshpitqueen
omg, that was a really sweet story. it almost made me broke down. lol.

it was written really well, no mistakes and it was just right.

great job. x
2/17/2007 c1 2nickipicky
that was soo good and i loved the way you used the lines from '10 things i hate about you" Prue Genuis
10/11/2006 c1 Solitaire's Mornie
quite bittersweet.

"And since when was he Australian, anyway?"

that made me giggle cause it's really true.
9/6/2006 c1 Superchick09
wow, how about I didn't relize it was a poem at first, and then Iw ent back and read it...and *sniff* well I got all teary eyed! augh. *bawls*

9/1/2006 c1 20Valzen
very well written but the end was soo sad :'(.
8/17/2006 c1 7AlbinoMonkeyC
7/28/2006 c1 2scratch-this
Wow, what a great fic! I adore how each section matched up (quite perfectly I might add) with the phrase of the poem. Very creative! Both Kitty & John were in excellent character and I love the fact that you included the important bits of Comic!St.John (ie. his writing & Australian heritage). Really great! This is going in my favorites. :)

P.S. Is it too much to hope for a squeal? Or maybe there already is one? *goes to check your profile*
7/27/2006 c1 Vechababe
Loved it, but would love it even more if there was a sequel in the works! Okay, yeah, that was pathetic... Fave'd!
7/25/2006 c1 6Rhiannon Merdon
Wow - I honestly adore this piece. It's great for those of us who feel like Kitty, lol, and your characters are perfect. There's one awkward place in the poem, "I hate it when you make me laugh, even worse when you make me cry", which might better read "...and more when you make me cry" but other than that, great job. I am very impressed.

7/21/2006 c1 1ANGELiCAWROTE
aww jess i love it! aw pyro sucks for not admitting his feelings but yeah omg i just love it
7/18/2006 c1 8Lilith Osborn
wow, well written and entertaining. Thanks for the fun read!
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