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for The Seed of Evil

10/26/2006 c1 5K. Pepper
Hey, it was enough to get me interested! That's what a good prologue should do- get the reader interested while not scaring them away with length. ^^ (Through in the uber-long chapters when they're already hooked, lol.)

This was really nicely written. I really do look forward to more. It's nice to see you obviously care about the presentation of your writing- I didn't catch a single error, to be honest. (And yes, I do usually catch errors. I've caught them in actual novels before, lol.) Anyway, this started out really interesting- the idea of familiar characters going maverick is a concept that actually doesn't seem to be used too often. (What, are people afraid to pick on the canon characters? lol.) Anyway, I'm gonna just have to keep reading when you post more- I've gotta see what happens to Ciel, after all, and you just flat out a have a good writing style. Nice work!

8/13/2006 c1 8Rising Dragon
Not a bad start. I'll be sure to keep my eye on this one. When does this take place? After Z4, or before?

And Capcom owns MMZ. O.o Not Square.
7/17/2006 c1 3083
Looks pretty good so far.

I think you did a great job with this, and it isn't -too- terribly short, since it is, after all, the prologue. The descriptions were done well, and I could imagine everything in full detail. Looks like a great start to a fic. n.n *thumbs up*

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