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8/18/2016 c3 Guest
Please update
8/7/2015 c3 Guest
Update soon please
11/28/2010 c3 XxMickey-luv-uxX
Hey this is good why did you stop writing
1/27/2010 c3 4evilalternateendingstorywriter
Amazing! I really like it!
12/17/2009 c3 5The Great Leap of the Fall
Thanks for the review! To be completely honest I am so glad you did review because then I might not have found this amazing story. I don't know why you haven't written since 2006, but I would very much enjoy you writing again. You write with maturity and your story draws me in. I love your interpretation of the charcaters, and I think that you should continue on to write them with the personalities they currently have. Your story is now one of my personal favorites, you want to make me write better, and that takes a lot. So please write more and update, you are doing an amazing job at writing!
8/21/2009 c3 2noluv

y rnt u updatin anymore...?:(

pls pls pls UPDATE!

LUV UR STORYY!itss awesomee so farr...PLS update!:)

2/11/2008 c3 ERRORINVALID
I'm loving this so far. Probably one of the best AU fics I've ever read.

I liked seeing the titans as something other than "heroes" or "role models".This fic has a nice perspective.

Update soon!

10/28/2007 c3 16sTaRfIrExrObIn
Loved it. I really hope you update soon, because this story is one of the few good TT ones. [:
10/27/2007 c3 superman
gosh man you gotta update this fic man
9/21/2007 c3 6ThEnAmEsGiGi
oh shit. wow, poor Kori. i really want you to update. this fic is great and creative. i'd like to read more. i really think the plot is awesome. i wonder where this is all leading to. update soon please.
5/14/2007 c3 puppyeyes135
Omg...Poor Kori.10 POINTS TO KORI IF THE CRASH WAS A CHAIR ON MR.DICKHEAD'S HEAD!When i was reading this i was lisening to My Immortal(really sad and great song) and it made it even more dramatic.*cries and hugges Kori after throwing Richard off the balcony* PLEASE UPDATE NOW!
5/14/2007 c2 puppyeyes135
Your story is awesome!You did everything perfect.I really enjoyed it!Your chapters are perfectly long,but you take too much time to's worth it!UPDATE NOW!FAFORITE!
1/16/2007 c3 13teen freak
Stupid Richard being all stupidly stupid...

Hit him, Kori!

*glances back at screen*

Heh, right...sry...



*sneaks back to bet on Kori and place story in favs*

1/16/2007 c1 teen freak
DId I hear right This is your first story?



11/27/2006 c3 11Miss Rosie Real
Le gasp! What's this? An incredibly well written, well desgined, and extremely hot RedX/Star/Dick story that I haven't discovered!

Amazing. ^-^ Dayamn. Because I'm one to pick favorites... (*waves RedX banner with pride*), I adore the way you have portrayed Xavier.

Richard is Richard. Still the man bitch but is sexy enough to get away with it.

Terra and Roy... I actually really like that couple. ^^ I like all the couples actually, kudos!

I'll end this review with two more compliments:

1. The fight scene. Not many people have the right to say they can write/imagine those creativly and with talent. You are one of the special people who CAN.

2. Random phrases that make me smile. ^^ Fanfiction is a little repetivitive sometimes... am I the only one who has noticed? Let me see if I can find certain phrases or even just words that I really liked...

'But in a blink, they were gone, replaced with the abysmal void of emerald that was becoming evermore frequent upon her beautiful friend’s face.' (I love that!)

'Her eyes flashed with abhorrence for the man in front of her' (The word 'adhorrence' in particular. Sounds weird, now that I'm typing it all out, but I really like that word)

Anyway, it was things like that scattered all over your story that made your story sound smart. Good job!

Can't wait for more!

Impatiently waiting,

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