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1/18/2018 c4 32Noctus Fury
I love these so much! Very good idea! I hope that they'll be more one-shots of Soren's parents. As well as Gylfie's parents because they're only mentioned a couple parents.
9/28/2010 c4 6shobsnet02
Aww, you're not updating! Why don't you update anymore?
6/20/2007 c1 6Celiana

It never says Kludd killed his parents, but I agree with your interpertation. Also, if you're planning to do Ginger's Extra, that would be really interesting to read.

Well, basically I love this story.

6/6/2007 c4 8T.J Miller
I love it! Two thumbs up
5/24/2007 c4 Insane With Drum Sticks
MORE PLEASE! I ♥ your stories!
3/20/2007 c4 17Lost in the Shadow
This is good! I imagined things like this happening in the actual book. Very good. I think you should have elaborated on Hortense's story though.
11/28/2006 c4 Obversa
Please don't tell me the story's over, Hortense lives on as Mist. Looking forward to THAT part. :)
11/5/2006 c4 8Queen Siv- Shatterstream
I quote

"Hortense stopped thinking about anything at once and opened her eyes again, she was still falling. The blackness was now turning grey for some reason. Maybe this was part of dying? Everything seemed to slow down and stop as the mysterious grey field consumed Hortense."

That was a VERY good way to end itI dare say And I hope that you will not only continue to write but to read mine as well.
11/5/2006 c3 Queen Siv- Shatterstream
Bravo! Says I. The way that you spoke of Hortense made me believe that this is more than fanfiction but what we develop in our minds as well.
10/29/2006 c3 Obversa
Wow, I must say that it is very nicely written. It also giver readers a rare insight into the "lost moments" in the Guardians series.

Very interesting, I love how you portrayed Hortense so accurately. I shall look forward to the next chapter of your two-shot!
8/12/2006 c1 Queen Siv- Shatterstream
AWESOME! BRAVO! You can really write Kathryn would be proud. Do E-Mail me can't wait 2 read more!
8/7/2006 c2 The Divinity Bunny
This is o.k but chapter 1 was better.
8/6/2006 c1 The Divinity Bunny
I like it a lot. Yay! I've only read book 1 (3 times), and I think that Kludd is on St. Aggie's side. Does that mean Eglantine will get snatched? NO!
7/30/2006 c1 14Zealak Silverdirk
I know you already said at the beginning of chapter one that you didn't own GOG, but Eglantine was always metioned to have been captured by the Pure Ones, St. Aggie's would be too important not to mention if Eglantine was captured by them(if only for a short time).

Besides that, I thought the ideas were good ones, as I've thought a little bit about the extra bits in the series.

~Zealak Silverdirk

(PS I'm sorry if I sounded a little harsh, I just wanted to add in an opinion.)
7/25/2006 c1 10SevenMinutesToMidnight
That's pretty good.
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