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for Frightful Magic

8/18 c3 Guest
This is awsome cant wait for the next chapter
9/8/2018 c3 deathwearsblack
please update when you can.
3/25/2018 c3 APridefulSin
that was so interesting. Wish there was more...
3/7/2018 c1 Crusherman5
um have you quit writing fanfictions if so can you put this up for adoption
8/30/2017 c3 ElementalMaster16
pretty interesting start
2/18/2017 c3 5Lunary
I doubt that they're prepaired for what they will find :)

2/4/2015 c3 Master Xehanort
I love it keep going and can Sirius be one of the people who meet Jack in the next chapter my friend?
10/24/2014 c3 Nagareyukiryuu
Is this story abandoned? If not please Update. I like your story!
3/12/2014 c3 35sevvyboy1fangirl
Please write more soon
2/14/2014 c3 469foxgrl
10/20/2013 c3 22foggraven
please continue this someday
8/25/2013 c3 Silver Heart11DOOM
love it more plz
3/9/2013 c3 Ehlonna the Demoness
1/19/2013 c3 1SilverShadowKat19
HAHA! lUV IT! Can Nev, Daph, Luna, ANd Mione be his friends. AMybe Su (Susan)
12/29/2012 c3 11Ivy000
Please don't shoot the messenger because it's my wife, haha, funny!
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