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for Frightful Magic

12/10/2012 c3 killroy225
ooh i really like where this is going, how will jack fight voldie when he can't die, or will he just destroy him? update soon!
5/25/2012 c3 2Yoko-Kiryuu Bikutoria Kurama
O.o He's going to make them freak!
4/30/2012 c2 7Myra the Dovahkiin
great story. keep writing. update soon. I can't wait to read more! This is getting interesting.
4/13/2012 c3 2Roxel813
Awsome! Plz Plz Update I cant wait to see what happens next.
3/6/2012 c3 6Anvelite
Please continue!
12/7/2011 c3 wolfsblood13
Please update the story soon it was getting good.
12/2/2011 c3 Lord Mortensen
update this fanfic...please!
11/15/2011 c3 2Ava-Keep777
Heck this is awsome! please update soon.
7/28/2011 c2 Michael
Dude, why did you make Jack seem evil?
6/14/2011 c3 Chiyo The Silver Witch
Luv it can't wait till the next chapeter comes up

for it dose dosen't it? O.O

sorry for any bad gramma
6/14/2011 c2 Chiyo The Silver Witch
LOVE, desu
6/14/2011 c1 Chiyo The Silver Witch
5/29/2011 c3 Remu
Cool story, you know I just thought of something. Jack shares the same death day as Nearly Headless Nick does, maybe the two of them can celebrate it together? Update please!
2/23/2011 c3 2Moongirl1012
This is a really good story.
2/21/2011 c3 11ThePurpleSuperCow
Will you be contiuing this story? It's so very interesting. I've already read it twice! May the writers block be shuved into a wood chipper.
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