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1/30/2011 c3 14mrmistoffelees
Interesting so far...keep up the good work!
1/24/2011 c3 7Myra the Dovahkiin
great story. keep writing. update soon. I can't wait to read more! This is getting interesting.

Sirius, Remus, and Minerva should definitly go.
11/26/2010 c3 7j2gh89
this is so cool i love jack and sally but if for some stupid absolutely idiotic reason jack or harry i mean ends up with miss ginny weasley *cough/stalker/cough* youll get a fate worthy of mr skellington himself


deaths daughter or hallypotter98
9/15/2010 c3 rebellious shadow
OMG so amazing
7/23/2010 c3 1Kainen-no-Kitsune
Dumbledore, your so mean. and to Jack's wife at that! that's not good.
7/17/2010 c3 1BlackRose-FlowerofDeath
Oh snap! I can't wait to see how this will turn out!

6/20/2010 c3 Slytherin's Pimp
Are u ever going 2 update? I want 2 see how they respond 2 Harry!
5/22/2010 c3 1Eriklover101
I think th at you made a mistake in this part of the story

and this letter will teleport up to 6 people to my house at midnight.

" like Jack Said five of you will be able to meet him at midnight. So" she paused "…..who's going?"

does sally mean the five plus dumbledore or just five people because in the letter it said 6?
5/19/2010 c3 7Katsy17
Hi! I know you have propably given up but this story is pretty awesome! So i hope one day you continue it :
4/13/2010 c3 1MittknightDr
This is awesome!

Please continue!
4/13/2010 c1 Cauthonn
Great story please update!
4/4/2010 c1 Aliinna
Please keep wrighting this story i really like it I want to see what happens next!
3/10/2010 c3 4BloodyNeutral
Oh. My. God. I surely hope you will continue this story, it has great potential! The story is original and I'm looking forward when they met the pumpkin king XD They really don't know what they're getting in to by inviting him to hogwarts. XDXD greatly done! I'm looking forward to next chapter ^^ Please, PLEASE continue xD
3/1/2010 c3 5Talonspike
Have you stopped writing I'm just wondering
2/15/2010 c3 Solitary Shrine
I love he bit in the letter ... nice (is that a word?)

lol amazingly funny! please update soon!
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