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7/22/2010 c1 6TrickForTreat
Haha! :) There's ALWAYS a bright pink apron handy, always. Gold star for you!
10/7/2006 c1 12Jedi Master Evenstar
lol! funny! Han reacted to being called a housewife better than the Han i know would have. But good all the same!

Master E
9/4/2006 c1 loha
8/12/2006 c1 39Princess of Ithilien
Some parts were a bit AU, some of the dialogue was as well. Some of the cuss words were definitely unnecessary, but overall I liked it. It's cute.
7/27/2006 c1 11Addicted to Antics
LOL. That was great!
7/22/2006 c1 Charmian
I always like your stories and this one was no exception. Han's internal monologue and manners were spot on, and the ending was best. I felt, however, that the story would have benefited from some kind of explenation *why* Leia had locked herself in her cabin, as her behaviour now seems very erractic.

Still, this was an enjoyable story and I'm looking forward to more.

7/21/2006 c1 31Lelila Solo
Very very funny and cute
7/21/2006 c1 12Ice Dagger
Brilliant story, and flawless personification of Han Solo. The way you made Leia and Han's relationship was perfect, and your writing style is beautiful. Over all, great piece. Well done!
7/20/2006 c1 LeiaMichaela
I'm such an H/L freak so I was real pleased that you wrote another one. [Because his name was Han Solo, and Han Solo wasn’t a gentleman. He didn’t have to pretend that he was to get on the good side of the most know-it-all, bossy, infuriating woman in the entire galaxy.]Yeah, what a description! Great!

[He’d kissed a lot of girls in his life, but he’d never kissed any of them the way he’d kissed her before Golden Rod went and ruined it. It was a kiss filled with all the passion and lov…(no, no, he refused to call it that) that he’d held in for so many years. Love was a strong word. Far too strong. But it had been filled with something a lot more powerful than he’d ever felt with a one night stand. At least he thought so.]Oh boy, Leia, you really know a way to make him all crazy. She lock herself in a cabin he is going around and worry all to much for his old self. [He was supposed to be the one who cut girls loose and never looked back.]Han, you should have get to know that Leia is nothing like any other girl and it'll also not easy for you to just cut off...especially when she lock herself;)

[He was disgusted with himself, and furious with her for messing with his head enough to make him do…that.]It's to funny that he started cooking just for her. I think he isn't used to do things for any woman...but again, Leia makes him all crazy. Before he even know started he cooking and now there is the mess.

[“You really are just as spoiled as princesses are supposed to be, your worship. Making me jump through hoops like this just to get you to come out of your damn bunk. I mean, my ship, my Falcon, has been wounded because of you! Look at this place!”]Haha, yeah, wounded...really dramatical. But it's so sweet that he said he did it all for her to come out.

[“I called you a housewife.”]And she has to make fun of it, lol. Solo, you should have known. She never let go a possibility like this. [Their lips connected with force, and there was overall a completely different feeling to this meeting of mouths than the previous two close-lipped pecks. The next few minutes were devoted to the exploration of mouths that had been kept apart for the past four days. When they finally parted, eyes wild, their breathing heavy, Leia looked at him confidently and asked,

“You don’t have a problem with that, do you, Captain?”]Uh uh, evil little princess. She just know how to wrap him around her little finger and he didn't even notice.

[“N-No,” he responded, eyebrows raised at her sudden change of heart. Perhaps she had decided they could work this out after all. “Of course not. I am…I am definitely…secure enough in my masculinity to be called…a housewife,” he grimaced. “and not take offense. If the compensation is good enough.”

To prove his point, he lifted a hideous, pink, flowery apron off the nail where it hung, untouched since the ship came into his possession so long ago, and threw it over his neck. He stood tall and proud as she led him down the hall, in what could only be the direction of her bunk. Something told him the apron would be but a small price to pay.]Hahaha, just the imagine of Han, good old scruffy looking Han, with a pink, flowery apron is just too funny, lol. Why does he even have such a thing still in there after such a long time? Haha, maybe he just saw that they come.

Your story was real funny and you both of them very well written. I could laugh and there also was the tension between them. I'm just so glad that Leia decided to not longer lock herself alone in her bunk;)

Great work again.
7/19/2006 c1 a b
Great Story!i really like it, i normaly don't read Han/Leia as a main pairing, but this is so good.

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