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for What These Eyes Cannot See

6/23 c14 AvatarUzumaki
okay so once again another AMAZING story I LOVED that you involved the generals and saved them freaking outstanding! but I was hoping for the outer scouts to go crazy on the inner scouts for what they did ti Serena but their is always next time. 8 look forward to reading the rest of your works
4/18/2020 c14 Guest
finished at 4;00 this mornging and I have to say that I am sorry but this thingy where two characters can ear each other’s thoughts have been done before in a book by Cassandra Clar
5/1/2019 c14 Guest
Just finished last night and I have to say that I am sorry but this thingy where two characters can ear each other’s thoughts have been done before in a book by Cassandra Clare but I still little how you wrote it, with derien and sarina it is very different and I like how you made princess saranity awaken early, I wonder how the salier moon universe will become different now. Ps there are planning to remake sailor moon, I think it call sailor moon crystal. Question I heard that the manga is good did you ever read it?
1/15/2018 c14 Guest
I wish they kept there memories. I hate the scouts
9/18/2017 c14 1sailor-moon-lover1
Okay so I died in chapter 13 XD but the epilogue I was expecting to see the battle between beryl and Serena and you're grammar/English is okay coming from a chick who writes fan fiction and has grammar problems lol but legit I love this story so damn much XD
1/17/2017 c14 10jesi ki kage
Really interesting take. I quite like how you handled Beryl discovering Serena's identity and also the return of the generals. Great story over all. -Jesi Ki Kage
10/12/2010 c14 Godschildtweety
Awesome story
5/30/2010 c14 3PSVT
Is four years too late for a review? ;) Anyway, I found this story quite interesting and intriguing and all around excellent. I liked it a lot! It's been a long time since you've updated any of your stories, but if you ever do decide to further your writing it'll be worth it. Yes, there may be a few errors here and there, but the *story* is amazing, and that's the hardest part after all.
5/22/2010 c14 3Dhampire12
It was so awsome. This is just me but you could easily write the second series and get lots of hits.
5/2/2010 c14 13creativesm75
9/30/2009 c14 mookiss
dang u... ya took me on a emotional rollercoaster... n i luved it :)

it 1 point i was yelling... then wanted 2 cry...then i was laughing... then i was mad at u...(#@#)...(*-*)...(^_^)... :(

k i didnt know what 2 feel with the serena and darien intimate moments... i was like stop dont...then i was like what the freak... they were busy leave them alone...then i was like what was i saying...get in there n stop them...0.0...0.o...o.0...0.0

gosh i wanted 2 slap beryl... she was such a perv watch them on the moon...o.0...gross... at least she didnt try n seduce darien(shudders)thats just wrong...Ew...0.o

yeah...y didnt serena parents try n call the cops at any point...o.0 strange...

raye sucks...dont like her...the others r all lemmins

g8 story... had me from the beginning

moon out
8/14/2009 c14 9Fedski
i LOVE it! so mega jealous of your great ideas! i can't wait to read more of your stuff!
5/14/2008 c1 AequusTempestas
Nice Story!
3/25/2008 c14 serenity wayne
grereat story
5/10/2007 c14 Megan Consoer
I really like this story alot. Can you please write some more chapters?
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