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for Forged in the Fire

6/28 c14 finabin
This is very intriguing. I wonder if it was finished and wbat happened to our fellas. Could Erza manage to find and rescue Tannah. I'm glad Ezra was on Vins side. Please let us know if the ending is listed at another site. Thank you
4/17/2011 c14 blondevampyre666
I like this story and where you are going with the characters. I hope you continue this story. I would like to see what happens next.
3/14/2010 c14 26Stroma
Another very good chapter.
3/10/2010 c14 fanfictionaddic
I was really excited to see this newest chapter. Loved the interaction between Saladin, Mele and Hakim (and how Shadow brings out the boy in them). Can't wait to see what happens next!
3/6/2010 c14 3Marmie1955
Your stories are just unbelievable. This one, 2230 and The Human Factor are all stories I never thought I would read let alone love. Thank you for sharing this joy and looking forward to more.
3/4/2010 c14 southernfrau
I am certainly intrigued as to how Shadow does not seem handicapped by his blindness at all. I can see how he could zero in on the honey cakes quite easily by smell...but how in the world was he able to get over the side of the balcony and climb about the branches without the benefit of sight. And if he is a Sentinel as I think he is, doesn't he need a guide? Along with my thirst for answers this chapter also gave some great moments to grin about. I love the way Neti was able to take them all to task...make them all feel like naughty little boys shown up to the table with dirty hands. Shadow just melts my heart with his beguiling little boys ways, he sure won Neti over quickly too. Amazing how something as simple as brushing hair could cause such a commotion.
3/2/2010 c14 modwyn
Woo hoo well worth the wait, the visual imagine I had when Neti arrived and all the men were cowed I could just see the bowed heads and suffling feet and the man of power *lol* brill hun. Can't wait to see where this is going and hear more about what may be instore for Shadow if others find out what he is..Excellent chapter hun.
3/2/2010 c14 sfulton229
Hee! Great to have Neti on the scene to set things straight. Looks like Shadow has conquered another one and love how readily everyone wants to spoil him. Love this story and so nice to see more of this fic. Looking forward to the next part.
3/2/2010 c14 21Duchess67
LOL He sure keeps them hopping, doesn't he? How long before he grows up again? This is adorable, don't get me wrong, but he needs to get his eyesight and memory back too, right? *hopeful look*

Oh and Hakim was right, an assassin COULD do just that, so I take it the flowering vine was removed? *chuckle*
3/2/2010 c13 Duchess67
I haven't read this one before, it's GREAT! Though that Darak is a monster, can he grow out of it? *curious*
11/20/2009 c13 Andriabow
Hi Retirw,

I love this story, I'm really like to read more and I'd like

to know how it ends. Please write more. Thanks for sharing.
7/8/2009 c13 hilarydilarydoc
This is too good of a story to let die. Please, please pick it up again. I really want to read about Tannah recovery and the other six. Please, please write more soon.
3/19/2009 c13 LdyGossamer
This is such a wonderful story! I hope you continue it soon. All the characters are so well drawn. I do hope that Shadow recovers himself. The difference between his initial personality and his childlike way now is heartbreaking and very well done.
2/18/2009 c13 zindiq
I really, really love this fic!

You give a very good presentation of the historical situation. And the story is very good. I just hope that you will update soon. (Please?)

The only note that i would like to do is that "ayatollah" is a modern term of the Shi'a ( the major part who is iranian) while The assassin where Fatimide Nizari, so the title of The Old Man of The Mountain was Sheikh-el-Jebel.


1/12/2009 c13 Linderhill
I've been remiss in leaving reviews for this story. I've been reading it whenever you update and I can't wait to see how things progress with Vin with the sultan and the rest of the boys with the troops. Keep up the good work!
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