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for Life and Times of Patroclus

5/5/2020 c5 Eggy
I discovered that fanfiction two years ago. I first watched Troy when I was six years old and from that moment one it was my favorite movie. Patroclus portrayed by Garrett Hedlund was my favorite character. So I searched for some story's that explain his parents faith. I know, Patroclus was older than Achilles in the Iliad, I read it multiple times. But the idea of a younger cousin wasn't so bad for me. Your story was really great, I enjoyed every chapter. I liked Achilles caring character under his big warrior skin. So I still wonder why you didn't finished it. You can't just leave us with such a cliffhanger! What will happen to Patroclus, will he die or will he survive and will he kill Clysonymus? I know, you didn't updated that story for thirteen years now, but if you not dead and have the time to write on, that would be really exciting! It would make me and I guess many others very happy...
10/19/2018 c5 Guest
Love the plot. Hope you can continue the story
7/11/2018 c5 Av
7/16/2017 c5 1Alice Barnes
I found this lovely piece of fanfiction before I made my account on here, and then to find it again some time later after creating an account was really nice. I know this has not been updated for quite a few years now, but I just wanted to say how much I love your style of writing, it is fluid and well written, so that readers can easily follow what is going on. I also love that you use short paragraphs as it makes it so much easier to read than whole big chunks of paragraphs. I too am writing a Patroclus fanfic, so I have been scouring in an attempt to find other fanfics and read them to get an idea of how other people portray him. I am really struggling at times to capture his character in my writing, but here you have done it perfectly. I know you probably have left this story behind, but if you ever come back to it, I will be more than happy to read the next chapters.
1/14/2016 c5 Rfrgrgt
Sdvbjsdkvbukfefb you can leave us with that cliffhanger! Update I know it's been a long time bit update
3/23/2014 c5 America
Wonderful! Update soon! This is a great story! I love how you researched and made it your characterization is also good as well.
3/7/2014 c5 Update
Please update soon! This is good
4/8/2013 c2 Mia Muhammad
This chapter is just so cute to me.
4/8/2013 c1 Mia Muhammad
I love it. Anyway I love Patroclus!
7/17/2012 c5 Guest
please update i love this story x
6/26/2011 c3 nameless-faceless-me
Great story. I'm enjoying it a lot.

Patroclus emotions are so raw when he is thinking about his parents that I felt connected to him. It made my heart hurt.
6/26/2011 c1 nameless-faceless-me
I realize that you wrote this a while back..but I enjoyed this chapter a whole lot. I loved the personality that you gave Achilles.
6/12/2011 c5 8Micky CIA
Its sad that you ended it so long ago with out any more chapters. I do so love the story. :(
3/18/2011 c5 1darkroge
i know you've probably dropped this but please if you have time finish it ! even if its not correct grammar and a rough draft please
10/26/2009 c5 Bodo
Why do You stop writting this story? It's so good and I't was pleasure to read it, I have to know what would happend!
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