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4/14/2012 c5 13Blazen
Well, you definitely improved both the movie and the series.

Apparently Clark, Chloe and Lana had a lot of interesting and dangerous adventures back in Smallville. I would like to hear about some of them.

Lexana and Lena Luthor as Lana's daughter are a nice touch too.

AIs, bottled Kandor, Lois knowing Clark's secret for a change. Anyway, I hope you'll update one day.

On the other hand, I don't care much for Lyla as of now.
7/30/2009 c5 Deiron Lionheart
I have read the Kandor chapters. I must say: WOW. This is a great story. You take a few characters from a 60 comic chapter together with the latest superman movie and mix it. Great, absoluteley great. But i have also a question: Superman(Kal-El has no family left in Kandor? I think that you have forgotten Van-Zee and Gem-Zee, his second nephews through his great-aunt Kyla Var-El (sister to Jor-El 1 who was the Father of Jor-El 2 and grandfather of Kal-El) and do not forget Don-El (Police Chief of Kandor) his other nephew through his fathers twin brother, Nim-El, who's in charge of Kandor's Armory? All of them lives in Kandor, the El's ancestral home. Alas, this is as it was with the comic in the years 60-70. I hope that we shall also see them in this story. (See the Superman family tree on superman.nu) But keep this story up. Do not abandon it! It has great potential. Continue!
5/5/2009 c4 katie147
hi Duane, personally i'm thrilled that you're getting back into writing smallville - your stories are fantastic. I think i would prefer another chapter of 'KANDOR' because i'm already hooked, but the biological families sequel would also be wonderful. hope you do continue with smallivlle/superman fics - because lately the actual show just stinks so your fics are a nice refresher and greatly apreciated. Thanx.
5/4/2009 c5 katie147
brilliant story i can't wait to see wat happens. will u be continuing? here's to hoping u do... it's great.
11/6/2007 c5 samantadrusila
Awesome story.

I hope zou will post more soon.

Can't wait for Chloe's rescue.
12/8/2006 c4 snowecat
Cool, can't wait to see more. Can you imagine the catfight between Layla and Lois? He seems to go for chicks with 'l' names. Weird.
12/6/2006 c4 1Cartolis
Brilliant as usuall!

Keep it up, truly wonderfull stuff. looking forward to another chapter from Biological Families as well.

12/3/2006 c4 JJ
I think this story is absolutely intriguing! Everything is written so in-depth, and you put the two universes of the superman movies and smallville together very well. I can't wait to read more- I hope you update sooner!
10/2/2006 c3 ed209uardo
This has been really enjoyable so far. How long 'til the next chapter?
8/3/2006 c1 ed209uardo
Wow. So far, so good. We need more! *grin*
8/2/2006 c2 Smallville Girl
Good chapter. :) I love how much (real) Kryptonian background you get into. Living in a bottle like that would drive me crazy I think... no stars at night. :(

I'm surprised that Martha let Clark go off to see Lois without telling him about Jason. If she knows that he's Clark's son, wouldn't she have said something?

Here's hoping Clark finds Chloe alive!

-Smallville Girl

(P.S. don't forget about Biological Families! I'm going into withdrawals over here...)
7/27/2006 c1 winthjo
Duane, this is another fantastic story. You and Sandsniper are my two favorite authors on FanFiction. By all means, please continue this. Would he be taking Lyla out of Kandor? Is Kara there also? Know I have two great stories by you to look forward to. (Biological Families and this one.

Keep them both going.


7/22/2006 c1 Rignach
I agree with you that they should have better made a movie about Kandor as a new film as the other one but I'm more a Clark/Lex slash fanfiction reader but I am sure I will come love that story. There are so few in the way you are writing that one and including Kandor.
7/21/2006 c1 perplexed
so... you really wanted Superman Returns to be about Clark Kent spending the past five years in a jar? and falling in love with someone other than Lois?... really!

They are like Max and Liz - it's not about being "equals" but soulmates that have crossed the universe to find each other, star-crossed... but an actress in a jar!... really?

5 years to travel to Krypton and back seems like a fairly conservative time estimate... I mean he wasn't going to Wal-Mart... Plus, it was very 2001:Space Odessy... but a jar world... really!
7/21/2006 c1 dot
its cool i like it
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