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1/12/2017 c10 phillynz
Love the story hope you finish 1 day
5/29/2016 c9 11TropicalRemix
please update this story. I want to see them get seiya.
2/25/2013 c10 nyleah
what happens next? I need to know
12/5/2011 c10 TropicalRemix
love the story. I hope you continue it.
11/24/2010 c10 Death and Rebirth
finish please
8/22/2006 c10 8Amber Bellum
so short...

i will be waiting for the next one!
8/17/2006 c10 3Chibi Babe
the plot thickens...
8/17/2006 c10 6ff9moonie
8/16/2006 c10 11forlornromanticist
o serena's viscious (last sentence) i... like it! tehehehe :D keep up the good work!
8/10/2006 c9 forlornromanticist
like serena's reaction when she wakes up and Darien is next to her, lol. nice chapter.
8/10/2006 c9 6ff9moonie
are we gonna know who the guy is?
8/10/2006 c9 8Amber Bellum

how sweet!

i love the story
8/10/2006 c9 3Chibi Babe
hmm interesting. cant wait for da nxt updae, n dont i now about being busy! lol neva have time for my fan fics no more...sigh. i just nake enuf time to read my favs! keep upd a awsome work
8/2/2006 c8 10Lady Sui
Nice chapter, yea a little short, but it was good all the same, well, keep it up, and once again thanks hehe! ^_~* Liss!
8/2/2006 c7 Lady Sui
Hehe, aww im blushing! Well thank you for the credit, and sorry I havn't been reading and reviewing as much as I normally do, I don't know if you know, I'm on my final days of holidays here in Spain, and I will be heading home in a week. So I am spending time with my friends, boyfriend, and my in-laws before I leave, but I love the story so much! Thanks again and keep it up! ^_~* Liss!
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