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4/28/2016 c1 You don't
Actually write stories. You just regurgitate out little snippets and call it real
4/30/2015 c75 Whyhow
I wonder whether, at that point, she meant the ship, the idea, or if she could even tell the difference between the two.
4/30/2015 c50 Whyhow
This is the first one of these that made me laugh, because of the line "the universe is an idiot."
4/30/2015 c49 Whyhow
I've always wondered if they would have succeeded if Simon never rescued her, or if her insanity is evidence of their failure.
4/30/2015 c3 Whyhow
Was this before and her prediction and/or inference, or is it after and her being confused about time?
5/9/2013 c47 3jjmjmay
I've been enjoying reading through these. This one had me laughing out loud.
3/5/2013 c74 48I Can Kill You With My Brain
Please write more! You write River so beautifully! :-)
9/25/2012 c62 79KrisEleven
These are interesting. I'm surprised you've managed so many of them. They get a little repetitive in places, but most of the were really interesting and got into River's character very well. I especially like the ones where we see a bit of River's perspective during canon event; you write those very well.
9/25/2012 c43 KrisEleven
Scary! I liked the narration in this one, and the last line was chilling.
9/25/2012 c39 KrisEleven
:( The irony here kind of broke my heart.
9/25/2012 c10 KrisEleven
Bahaha. Poor Jayne.
9/25/2012 c9 KrisEleven
Bunnies, bunnies; it must be bunnies.
7/10/2011 c48 8Afatcat101
Loved it! I don't know how you captured River so well, but you did a great job.
7/2/2010 c34 22Bytemite
What I like about this one is the way River wonders and feels the connection to the now children who used to play on the swing set without outwardly saying it. The name drop of Haven makes this very poignant.
3/18/2010 c24 2hajimebassaidai
I love the last line because it's true.
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