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8/22/2006 c6 36Cut-Wrist Kate
O! I absolutly LOVE! Fenrir! LOVE HIM! Update soon.
8/18/2006 c6 thuyhy-thuyhy
the characters is actually being themself , ^^ I like this LOL
8/18/2006 c6 30HoshiHikari
lovely chapter, so now people's loyalties are begining to show. hopefully remus surrives whatever it is to prove himself loyal, does the twins have to do something as well? update
8/17/2006 c6 Marionette
E! I love this so far! I love HPLV fics, if they're done right. And this one definitely fits into that lovely category. :D I just wonder if Harry will join the Dark Order, and if he does, will he be more of an equal to Voldemort? I hope so, I want to see Dumbles worry and regret his mistakes and such. Hm, about Bella, she could forget her place and just go ape-shite on Harry, get caught or something, then get off-ed and sent 6 feet down cause she's a condescending meanine? *hides under a table* `Twas only a mere suggestion from a reader.

I do hope things go well for Remus, not super peachy keen, but I hope things with the pack and his priorities about Harry go well. ^-^ *ish a Remus fan*

Ahh, well, thank you for a wonderful 6 chapters, I can't wait for the updates! I'll forgive the cliff hangers if there are good treats in store! :D xD
8/17/2006 c6 SailorHecate
This story seems absolutely amazing! I ansolutely adore your writing style. Anyways, I hope you update soon!
8/16/2006 c6 13darkangledragonlover
-cries- no not another cliffy

please update -grins- please
8/16/2006 c6 Lubbleeone
8/16/2006 c6 Guest
hm..you could say that bellatrix faked sirius's death and has him tied up in her room. maybe he's her husband's lover or something. or maybe dundundun she's really regulus black in disquise! and siries is still alive.
8/16/2006 c5 Guest
how could dumbledore seize harry's assents? that is illegal. the goblin's wouldn't have allowed it. the money would have been freezed for a certain amount of time and then be lost in the system.
8/16/2006 c2 Guest
but it was self defense! they can't send him to prison if it was self defense! even in the muggle world that factor is considered, if it isn't in the magical world then they are all idiots!
8/16/2006 c6 Echo
I'm not sure if you wanted to present Harry as a tragic hero who turned dark because he was betrayed. Even if Dumbledore and his Light side are all evil, I still don't feel sorry for Harry, although I do feel sorry for his childhood. He deserved to go to Azkaban. He's a wizard. There are hundreds of spells (stupefy comes to mind) he could have used beside the AK so there's no way his freinds even if they were real friends/supporters could have successfully defended him. Granted the abusive situation, crafted by Dumbledore might have made him an angry young man but unless he was already tending toward the Dark, he would not have use AK, a spell with which he supposively has no experience and one that he's not sure will even work since the Crucio on Bella didn't work. If he had killed Vernon by any other method, knifing, bludgeoning, flinging against the wall with magic, etc, his positions would have been easier to defend as just self-defense and his sense of 'betrayal' more justified. But then you did say this is a Dark Harry fic. I just don't believe he was turned dark by the 'betrayal' but was already dark to begin with. The magic world is screwed because the Light and Dark sides are both evil. Neville is the one that I would probably feel more sorry for at this point. Interesting fic so far. Please update soon.
8/16/2006 c6 5Phantom Feline
Fabulouss! I'm ssorry...I can't really give ssuggesstionss right now, I'm possting my sstory tonight and writing ssome otherss ssince my musse came back. I really don't like thosse cliffhangerss you know...pleasse update ssoon.
8/16/2006 c6 2Ermelinde
YAYY! I can already see Potter switching now ;)
8/16/2006 c6 1SS-Zergling
wow good chapter
8/13/2006 c5 1Alexandria Jade Lily Potter
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