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for Ranma's Ascension

3/17/2021 c1 Guest
You didn’t look PROSTRATE up did you because I did & it means the mechanical switch between urinating and cuming I find it hard that Ranma would cum at seeing Kami-sama

PLEASE change it
9/30/2020 c8 Kitsune Obsessed Freak
This story is epic. Also, it would be funny to have akane use "Concentrated essence of curiosity. Now with extra enigma!"
8/26/2020 c6 gort420
you must be psychic you predicted trump 8 years before he was elected.
5/25/2019 c7 Cynical Rabbit
I loved the Sailor Shenshi scenes. I especially liked Akane as Popeye.
I also like it when an author works in a reference to a movie or book I'm familiar with (it doesn't have to be funny, just appropriate).
I've read some sagas here and other sites. But I can appreciate brevity.
What drives me up walls
1 - Authors who seem to pad their word count with detailed descriptions of the characters' clothing and or surroundings.
2 - Authors don't seem to understand the concept of a Thesaurus and insist on using words that are sound alike rather than look up the correct information. Some I can forgive if English isn't their native language, but if it isn't and they are using a translation program, then they need to engage a English speaking beta reader and one that will use a Thesaurus.
3 - Other readers that complain about how the author uses the characters. If you don't like it stop reading it and stop flaming. Beginners make mistakes and need encouragement not people tearing them and their efforts apart. In other words encourage and help guide with your comment.

Ok I'll stop ranting and I realize that some of what I said sounds hypocritical. If I have nothing to say that's good then I say nothing at all or I think about it and try to guide and encourage, even if what I really want to say would be a flame.

L. Martin
1/7/2019 c1 Harold Lloyd
So, Ranma's two gods now. Talk about a promotion.

Also, "... crack an egg with a bulldozer..."

Eggs reminded me of this video - www youtube com/watch?vNpgt71gZpkg

Admitted, it isn't a bulldozer but it's not bad.
11/26/2018 c8 8zephyr hb
It was funny to read. Thank you.
11/3/2017 c1 1chris8124u
you forgot to mention a few times he acted territorial over her (example when Mikado tried to kiss her or in an akane to remember (shinnoske))
6/23/2017 c1 Guest
Welp tis was a mistake to read you ppl should yust have akane dissapere/die/arrested she has no redeming qualities att all butt thats yust my take from the manga/anime
4/22/2017 c6 Guest
General Nuisance? I guess he lives up to his name by breaking the naming theme. Guess he annoyed General Laserdisc into retirement.
12/24/2015 c8 Guest
Should have been longer
5/21/2014 c2 shuriken200
This could be an Awesome fic of not for that Ranko would at some point make love to som guy... I cannot accept that! She have to love a girl, hopefully Akane. Sorry, but this is goodbye!
1/3/2014 c8 egwolf65
great story!
11/3/2013 c2 Guest
About your explanation of how time-stop works at the end of the chapter.

Your statements about the physics involved are true to an extent, but it assumes only one level of reality.

An alternate way to do a time-stop much easier would be to bring yourself out of phase with the rest of reality (basically enter another plane of existence, linked to this one), then alter the flow of time to be so much faster than this plane that time might as well have stopped (1 second 1 year for example; rules of physics bent but not broken). Or if time isn't linked between the 2 planes, simply re-insert yourself at the same moment you left.
10/26/2013 c8 3moltenamber85
Very waffy fic, you've written here. Any nitpicks I have about it are very minor (such as Shampoo's wepons being referred to as bonbori. Common mistake, as the proper name for them would be chui). While some things were expected, others caught me by surprise.

Possible ingredient for Akane to have used (Ask and I'll explain the joke):
Onibmab Curse Reverser - A winner since 1918
6/13/2013 c8 Guest
In response to rant B)
I think the reason Ranma accepted the training was to toughen him up much like Ryoga did with the boulder's slamming into him
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