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4/30/2009 c8 1masaki yang yi1
I read the entire story and I say very well done but I am willing to bet that you can't write a sequel to it.
4/20/2009 c1 DarkBlueHated
Bah, no more updates? D: Last update 2 years ago.. _ And I really enjoyed it too!
3/22/2009 c8 5YuriFan5
I really liked the ending. I don't have a suggestion for your story but I do have a request. Would you please read my Ranma 1/2 story? Let me know what you think. I really would like to know.
3/22/2009 c6 YuriFan5
Hahaha the whole beuracracy shtik is hilarious. "She got wrapped up in red tape". I almost fell out of my chair laughing. The saddest part is that it's all so true.

I don't care what anyone else says, making Ranma smart and Akane the way she is could be one of the best things I have ever seen happen in a Ranma1/2 fanfic. I only wish there were more than 2 chapters ahead.
12/17/2008 c2 2GeorgeTobor
As best as I can figure, TIMESTOP spells are really time dilation spells. The area of effect is enclosed in a force bubble lasting about a microsecond to insulate it from the rest of the universe. Then the 10 nanoseconds it lasts are "expanded" so to the caster they seem to last about 15 minutes or so, but only to the caster. And it only effects living things. So enemies inside a timestop are frozen but nothing else. This does mean you cannot affect someone inside a timestop you cast. But it lets you run away really well! Or heal yourself...
7/17/2008 c1 2chrimzon angel
sweet. how did you come up with this
7/4/2008 c8 1DeltaKyuubi
cool story hope you have a sequal
6/19/2008 c4 1dragonsrullllz
5/20/2008 c8 15Raven Hufflepuff
What about Elmer's Glue?
5/17/2008 c3 Raven Hufflepuff
I like this one!
5/12/2008 c8 deitarionSSokolow
Good story, but your implementation needs work. If I weren't already overburdened, I'd offer to help you clean it up. As it is, I give it a 3.5 out of 5... with the potential to be a 4.5 out of 5.
3/2/2008 c1 Warbender
So far I find this story freaking great from the word go. You have added a new dimention to the phrase "What if". Well done. The depth, and balance to this is remarkable. definataly "Read worthy".
2/11/2008 c8 5The Hellsfire Angel
FUCKING A! Mike, I gotta be honest, this is by FAR one of the funniest things I've read in my LIFE (and I've read about half the fanfics in this site) I'm gonna read some of your other stories and hope to christ I can find another one this great. As for other ingredients I think that Akane would use, I'm actually very surprised you didn't say anything along the lines of "nuclear waste" or something along the lines of "radioactive material"...why else would a once normal DEAD fish come back to life with about 12x it's normal eyes and 2x it's heads?

In any event, you're a funny bastard (pardon the expression) and that's something I hope keeps going in all your stories you may or may not write in the future. However, I also like giving advice to make other author's stories better. So I sat here for about 30 minutes as I wrote this review and thought about how you can improve it...I gotta be honest, though, I can't think of much...you took a completely original approach to a frequently-combined series of animes and you have a well written, gramatically correct, and utterly hilarious story. My only gripe is that it isn't that long. Please keep up the writings, friend, and I'll keep reading ^_^

Hellsfire angel
6/24/2007 c8 1creitros
I just stumbled on this, read it, and simply must comment. It's a wonderful story, really. The humor involved is highly appreciated. With the way you expressed Akane's cooking though, I would have thought the ingredient list would have included chocolate. After all, if chocolate alone is a treat, it must improve anything's flavor... Besides, such a common thing among so many rare ingredients would make it more amusing, in my opinion.
6/4/2007 c8 3Asgeras
Review time...I'll make it shorter than my usual ones, which isn't saying much :P

This was a great fic. Thanks for writing it.

The grammar/ spelling were correct through the vast majority of the fanfic. I only found a few, which is rather extraordinary. Thanks for taking the time to proofread/ whatnot.

Apparently, from the authors notes, some reviews dissed the fic for being so OOC. I found it to be anything but. Really, if you think about it, the author was correct in many of his assumptions. For instance, yes Ranma sleeps through class. However, do we ever hear about him having bad grades? Nope. The only aspect that Ranma might be a little slow on are the emotional aspects (at least, what can be gathered from the anime/manga). (Don't take this next statement the wrong way, readers that are of the male persuasion) This is generally true of a lot of males. Intellect in academia is different from emotional intellect, and males generally have a more left brain oriented. I could go on, but that's enough about that...

Also, for all the people who complained about the treatment of the senshi, scouts, or whatever they're referred to, please go out and purchase a sense of humor. First off, this isn't a serious fic. It's lighthearted and should be taken as such. Second, if you've actually watched the anime, you'll notice that a lot of stuff is dead on...silly speeches and all. It's cheesy, whether you watch it in Japanese or English. The manga was better (from what I read a LONG time ago), but still more of a romance manga than anything else. Thus, take it with the humor it was written with.

And this is coming from someone who is writing a serious Ranma/ SM xover. :P

Well, I've bored everyone enough. Once again, thanks for the fic.
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