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5/8/2007 c8 3lonelysis-2007
*clap-clap-clap-standing up-clap-clap-whistle-clap-clap...*

I love it! I'm so adding this into my Favorite Stories list. I really do hope you make a sequel. Heck, make five more and I'll read and review them all! c",

4/21/2007 c8 1Bobboky
4/17/2007 c8 Blackdex
Waldo, you forgot Waldo. Ciao
4/15/2007 c8 1Fenixphlame
That was great, I always love a good satire, and you pull it off beautifully.

One thing, I always thought the whole "Akane making horrific monsters with cooking" bit was over done, but you revived it by having the ingredient list, I haven't laughed like that for a long time.
4/13/2007 c8 Zeir
i really enjoyed your story (the sailor bowling alley part was priceless) and i do hope you decide to do a sequel, that would be great! oh, and you said suggestions for ingrediants would be good, so here goes: plutonium, kryptonite, catnip, and a cell phone or three. k keep up the good work! (or any other cliche'd phrase you'd care to insert)
4/13/2007 c4 Drugedgen
Sorry but i just can't help myelf(i'll review later)

women don't make testosterone they convert a small amount of estrogen into testosterone

While men make both hormones
4/12/2007 c8 Alpha Ookami
This was a very good piece, a little quick, but you've explained that, so it's alright. Most of the solutions made perfect sense, and it was well written. Thank you for he addition of another excellent piece of work to the community.
4/11/2007 c8 1Darc
i have a few things on the ingredients list for your segment. A tube of "elbow grease cleaner- for those really tough jobs" and maybe a container called RubberWare "garruteed to have lids that never quite fit right or are completely the wrong size and/or shape!"

ja ne
4/10/2007 c8 keichan2

(One guess at what I found so fun ;p Where did you go to think about all of that?)

Note that your explanation of Ranko's bra-less state is REALLY funny, too.
4/9/2007 c8 Rouzeki Tadayoi
(Please excuse my language)This story was FUCKING AMAZING! Sorry, bout that, had to let it out. I applaud your skill and innovation in this epic. That's right, it's epic. Epic Win. I look forward to seeing more of you're skill, and I am proud to have read this.
4/9/2007 c8 Cyde
Bravo! Impressive story. While I agree with what Lerris said in princple, I don't think that an out of character change and a solid, concrete reason necessarily have to be mutually inclusive; a story CAN be made to work anyway and, for my purposes, this story worked marvelously.

I am interested to know if you're going to do any follow up or sequels.
4/9/2007 c8 James Axelrad
its a interesting fic. i liked it.

its good that you didn't drag it out though, with ranma solving everythign fics, a lot of authors ake them too long or too short, yours is just about right.
4/9/2007 c8 10Wonderbee31
Nice, and great to see this last part, and that Akane and Ranam, in this story at least, were able to make a good go of it, and nice to see those flashbacks to the past, as I always like to see more of the things that drive the characters.
4/9/2007 c1 The Rabid Badger
"Before you ask, I'm still attracted to Akane romantically, but I might be drawn to men in the future."

This seems like a very stupid thing to say, considering Akane is standing rght next to him. Oh, and the only thing this new Ranma seems to have in common with the old one is his love for Akane... It's just not as fun reading a story when Ranma (or Akane) is replaced by a pod person ^_^.
4/8/2007 c1 20Lerris
This kinda seems like a story about a character named Ranma as opposed to a story about Ranma Saotome. To make a great change work, you almost need to either already have a really big problem sitting there that required that change or one that directly follows. Maybe you have that later. I don't know. At any rate Kami-sama taking his order for what type of kami he would be just does't feel right..

Now, if the wish blew up in his face and yggdrasil figured out the only way he could possibly solve all his problems was with the abilities at manipulation and power of a first class demon, then it might have been more interesting, especially if he expected to be made a kami.

Good louck with it though..

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