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8/16/2014 c29 11mythmagykfae
Wonderful story! So much drama and craziness, you did a great job keeping it interesting without being over done :D
9/3/2012 c29 2ThePandaHat
3/3/2012 c11 16Dictator4Life
I'm not even done yet, but I just have to tell you how much I love this!
11/28/2008 c11 Rayne Hunter
Akira! Yay! I'm so happy that he's in this story.
7/9/2008 c29 Ash Koga's Gurl
5/13/2008 c29 6blundering love of a writer
OMG this story is so frigging awsome! i couldn't stop reading it!

Yuki is/was such an asshole!

sesshoumaru was so damn sweet!

i don't know what else to say except that i think you should really write your own books!
9/7/2007 c8 4Benihime13
hola me a gustado mucho tu ff. sobre todo me encanta yuki espero que agas mas de kagome/yuki.

8/30/2007 c29 6Sansho
Wow! amazing story, and I must say, I love sesshomaru's end much better (*wink wink *)!

never stop writting!

x Sansho x
8/25/2007 c1 ladyfaith7
6/8/2007 c29 DreamBeamz
Aw, Sesshomaru's ending was wonderful as well! I'm glad you wrote such wonderful stories and I was lucky enough to read them! ^_^ *hugs* I will look forward to your future stories!
6/7/2007 c28 DreamBeamz
I love how and when Ksgome got her voice back, hehe! :) It was a great ending for Kouga! Yay! Going to have to read the Sesshomaru ending now to make me feel better about him too, lol. I just love them all so much! -grins-
6/7/2007 c27 DreamBeamz
Aw, you ended that well. I love little Toshi, so cute! Also I added you on Myspace, at least I think I did. -stratches head- I looked at your profile and saw it, mine is that way you know who the crazy person sending a friend request is, lol. :) Off to read the other 2 endings that I am so happy you wrote! Woot!
6/7/2007 c26 DreamBeamz
Ok, u have no idea how happy I am that you have done 3 endings to this fanfic, yay! Because I want her to end up with each one, so this makes it easier for me at least, I hope it wasn't too much work for you though. I am afraid I got behind on reading this story when finals and craziness started to happen and then my cousin spilled her drink on my laptop and I had to get a new one and all sorts of things, but I am now catching up with my fanfics, starting on one of my fave stories. -grines- Thanks for an awesome chapter. *hugs*
6/6/2007 c29 4Venganza152
Cute ending! Finally Sesshoumaru gets justice! I loved this fic and will wait patiently for the next. I know it will be as great as this one, if not better.

Peace, for now!
5/30/2007 c29 20Princessstphanie
Ah the Sesshy ending was so cute! Overall I've still gotta say the Koga ending was the best. :( Poor Kagome getting kidnapped and all. Yeah... Sesshomaru seemed to be coming on a little strong when he flipped about the romance novels and going to a spa. personally I'd dump my boyfriend if he did that to me... :D he wouldn't though so its ok. its gonna be a shame its over. thanks so much for posting the sesshomaru ending on here. i read the koga on ur livejournal and i dunno for some reason i prefer :P well guess this is bye, for the last time. :( it sounds sad when i put it that way. though it is true...
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